Driver caught with sofas strapped to car roof
Police shared a photo of a car they stopped which had sofa chairs strapped to the roof. The furniture was wedged into the vehicle above and below the open boot, secured with only a few straps.

Driver’s miracle escape after car impaled by logs ‘when he crashed into truck while reaching for coffee’
A driver escaped with minor injuries after smashing into a log-hauling truck that sent dozens of them through his windshield while driving on a highway. Reportedly, the driver was reaching for a spilled coffee at the time of the collision.

Online video catches out ‘pathetic’ 100mph driver
A YouTuber who filmed himself driving at speeds of almost 100mph at a notorious incident blackspot was caught after putting the footage on social media, a court heard.

Victoria Police flag speeding pizza delivery driver for FaceTiming behind wheel
A pizza delivery driver flagged for speeding was left facing an even heftier fine after police found him using FaceTime while driving.
Global News 

Taxi driver drops cell phone, nearly drives into fountain at Columbus Circle
A distracted taxi driver almost ended up in a fountain while fumbling with his cell phone, according to police.
New York Post 

Martin Cameron jailed over friend’s death in 125mph crash
A man who was banned from the road three times in five years was jailed for causing the death of his friend in a 125mph crash.
BBC News

Distracted driver causes geyser on Canyon Road
A driver who crashed into a fire hydrant causing a geyser was distracted, according to police.
Lamorinda Weekly

Warning over danger selfies after waves crash into car in Cornwall
HM Coastguard issued a warning after a car was thrashed around by huge waves on the south coast of Cornwall. It was believed that the driver was trying to film himself as he passed along the road.
Cornwall Live

Driver charged for hit-skip, unsafe vehicle after driving with hood blocking windshield
A sedan driver who was involved in a crash in which her bumper was knocked off was seen driving away from the scene at high speed, forcing the vehicle’s hood up in front of the windshield. Reportedly, the driver continued driving like this for about three miles.


Man killed while trying to cross I-35 in Dallas
A man was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler while walking on Interstate 35 in Dallas just before midnight.
Fox 4 News

School bus dashcam captures close call after speeding pickup truck nearly hits teen
A bus driver was commended for her “quick-thinking” when she realized a speeding pickup truck wasn’t intending to stop as she picked up a passenger.
Fox 4 News 

Driver jailed over ‘horrifying’ Cardiff takeaway crash
A disqualified driver and drug addict was jailed after driving a car into a Chinese takeaway.
BBC News

Driver admits killing friend in A74(M) motorway crash
A driver admitted killing a friend in a motorway crash after his vehicle was clocked doing 90mph just before the collision.
BBC News 

Caught on camera: Tow truck driver just misses getting hit by SUV
A tow truck driver was left counting his blessings after a close call at work when an SUV missed hitting him by about two feet.
WXYZ Detroit 

Tesla driver appears to fall asleep behind wheel of moving car
Video taken on a busy road in the US appears to show a man asleep behind the wheel of a self-driving car.

Banned driver left passenger with serious injuries after high speed crash while over the alcohol limit
A disqualified driver is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into a concrete power pole at speed, leaving his teenage passenger with serious head injuries, a court was told.

Video: Negligent driver blamed for smashup at hypermarket parking lot in Dubai
A negligent driver was blamed for severely damaging two parked cars in a parking lot in Dubai.
Gulf News

Too fast, too furious: UAE driver busted for speeding at 225 km/h
A driver was caught speeding in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain in what police described as “insane”.
Gulf News


Jessi Combs killed in ‘horrific accident’ attempting to break land speed record
A racer and TV personality died in a driving collision on the Alvord desert in southeast Oregon while attempting to break the women’s land speed record.
Fox 4 

Sleeping driver blamed for 6-vehicle crash: OPP
A 74-year-old man was charged with careless driving after police say he fell asleep at the wheel and caused a six-vehicle collision.

Car crashes into Dallas home, barely misses sleeping homeowner
A Dallas man made it out with minimal injuries after a car slammed into his bedroom. The homeowner said he would have been hit had he been asleep on the other side of the bed.
Fox 4

Video shows wrong way driver before 3 people were killed in wreck
Three people were killed after a car heading the wrong way struck another vehicle head-on.
WXYZ Detroit

Newlyweds killed in collision only moments after wedding
A newly married couple died just minutes after their wedding when their car and a pickup truck collided as they were leaving the ceremony; the crash was witnessed by the sister and mother of the groom.

Is it a bike? Is it a plane? Bizarre-looking vehicle stopped on motorway
Police described stopping one of the strangest vehicles seen on Britain’s roads – a motorbike gaffer-taped to look like a boat.
ITV News 

Police clock driver at 178 km/h near Red Harbour
Police captured a driver on radar with readings of more than 80 km/h over the posted speed limit.

Investigators say underage driver struck and killed man walking his dog in Houston, Texas
A 13-year-old driver was behind the wheel when a man and his dog were struck by a vehicle and killed.

Plane lands on busy road after the ‘engine quit’
Motorists driving along a road in Washington state were stunned when a small aircraft joined their commute, after the “engine quit” and the pilot landed the plane in between a gap of traffic, before stalling it at a red light.
ITV News

JULY 2019

Speeding driver slams into Fort Worth pizza restaurant
Three people were injured after a car collided with a pizza restaurant while traveling at what witnesses said looked “almost 100 miles an hour”.
Fox 4

Update: Truck driver cited for speeding after tons of trash spills on I-89, Warner River
Authorities said the driver of a tractor-trailer loaded with 60,000 pounds of trash that tipped over, spilling garbage across a highway and shutting down the southbound lanes for several hours, was driving too fast.
Concord Monitor 

Driver crashes car into barrier outside FBI headquarters
A suspected intoxicated driver crashed into a barrier outside FBI headquarters and prompted a large police response after telling authorities there was a bomb in his car.
New York Post 

WATCH: 29 die as bus falls off India’s ‘highway to hell’
A bus with 50 passengers skidded off a highway near the Indian city of Agra, killing at least 29 people, according to police. The driver was suspected to have fallen asleep before the bus hit a divider and fell into a gap between two flyovers.
News 24 

Driver who stopped to help motorcyclist also killed in Red Oak crash
A man who stopped to check on the victim of a motorcycle collision was hit by an 18-wheeler and also killed.
Fox 4 

Australian children take 900km drive in stolen car
Four children aged 10-14 packed fishing rods and money into a 4×4 before illegally driving themselves more than 900km (560 miles) across Australia, according to police.
BBC News

Dash camera captures Lime scooter rider on I-35 in downtown Dallas during rush hour
A rider on an electric rental scooter with a top speed of about 17 mph was captured by dash camera footage making his way across six lanes of traffic on an interstate with a top speed of 70 mph.
Fox 4 

WATCH | The mane man: Lion hitches ride on car during game drive
Visitors to the Lion and Safari Park in South Africa got a little more than they bargained for when a lion jumped on top of a Jeep as it travelled through the park.
News 24 

JUNE 2019

Semi-truck carrying bridge beam jackknifed, blocking traffic in Fort Worth
A semi-truck carrying a bridge beam jackknifed while trying to make a turn, blocking traffic until crews could move the truck.
Fox 4

Alleged drink-driver takes out two cars during early morning joyride
A driver was allegedly three times over the drink-driving limit when she crashed into two parked cars before fleeing the scene.

Man fatally struck by truck on 121 while refilling gas tank of stolen vehicle
Police said a man died after being struck on SH-121 while refilling the gas tank of a car that had been reported stolen.
Fox 4

Police arrested a man in the UK for driving with a pint of Guinness in his car cup holder
A 54-year-old man in Birmingham, England, was arrested for driving with a pint glass of Guinness in his car’s cup holder.
Business Insider

PICS: Motorist narrowly escapes death as boulders roll on to Franschhoek pass
A motorist escaped serious injury after a rockslide caused massive boulders to rain down on his car.
News 24

WATCH: Making a splash! Driver plunges car into swimming pool
A 93-year-old woman crashed her car into an indoor pool where eight people were participating in an arthritis exercise class.
Wheels 24

Google Maps detour directs nearly 100 drivers into a muddy field
Nearly 100 people ended up stuck in a field after taking a Google Maps detour to avoid delays en route to Denver airport.

Police: Dad ran over daughter, drove away
Police said a father ran over his 15-year-old daughter and then drove away.

MAY 2019

Driver travels 40 miles in wrong direction on I-15, runs another vehicle off the road
Police say an intoxicated driver traveled approximately 40 miles in the wrong direction, running another vehicle off the road.
St George News

Sneaky NY Driver Caught by Police With Fake, Hand-Drawn Car Inspection Sticker
The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in New York shared a picture on their Facebook page showing a fake inspection sticker made from a square of red construction paper.
The Drive

Impaired driver nabbed behind the wheel of power loader: OPP
An anonymous tip led to law enforcement officers intercepting a power loader used in road repairs, being operated by an impaired driver.
Ottawa Citizen

WATCH: Man survives after car rolls over him at Cape Town petrol station
A petrol station customer is lucky to be alive after a motor vehicle ran over him.
News 24

Impaired driver arrested after crashing dad’s car, then mom’s: RCMP
North Vancouver RCMP say a man was arrested for suspected impaired driving after crashing two cars in three hours: first his dad’s, then his mom’s.

Dangerous driver jailed after being caught on body-worn video
A dangerous driver who thought he’d given police officers the slip after an 80mph pursuit has been jailed for more than a year, thanks to the power of body-worn video.
Birmingham Updates

Tow truck driver falls asleep, crashes into Detroit hookah lounge
A Detroit hookah lounge owner is stuck with thousands of dollars worth of damage after a tow truck crashed into his business when the driver fell asleep at the wheel.
WXYZ Detroit

Woman accused of texting while driving crashes into semi
Law enforcement officers said a 27-year-old woman rear-ended a semi as it was slowing to turn into a median crossover. She received citations for electronic communication device while driving, following too closely, no valid driver’s license and no insurance.

Coughing fit causes Santa Rosa driver to crash into neighbor’s house
A man suffered a prolonged cough as he was backing out of his driveway, causing him to hit the gas, zooming his car backwards across the street into his neighbor’s front window.
Press Democrat

MARCH 2019

Distracted driver ‘eating a burger’ and ‘Snapchatting’ drives onto baseball field
A driver ended up on a baseball field when he crashed his vehicle while in the middle of eating a burger with one hand and using Snapchat on his phone in the other.
Fox 9 

Police ‘gobsmacked’ as HGV reverses up slip road
Police posted a video on social media showing the ‘unbelievable’ actions of a truck driver spotted reversing his vehicle up a slip road.
ITV News

Drunk driver jailed for killing GAA coach
A drunk driver who killed a GAA coach after running him over on a footpath in Co Clare has been jailed for four years.
The Times

South Africa: taxi driver arrested for overloading
The National Traffic Police (NTP) arrested a cross border taxi driver for transporting 26 passengers in a 16-seater.
All Africa

Groom, who was rushing to his wedding, arrested for speeding on N17 freeway
Five speeding drivers were stopped by police officers including a groom who was late for his wedding.

Distracted driver given two tickets in just six minutes in Downtown Vancouver
A driver using a cell phone was issued with two distracted driving tickets within six minutes, by two separate officers.
City News 1130

Police pull curtain on 401 motorist’s ‘movie night’
A man was charged with distracted driving after police caught him trying to watch a movie while driving on a highway.

Funeral director caught ‘reading notes for service’ while driving on M5 by police officers
Police officers caught a funeral director reading notes while driving on a motorway. Sharing the incident on Twitter, the officers used the hashtag #itcouldhavebeenhis.
Somerset Live

VIDEO: Man in wheelchair holds on to back of semi-truck while on freeway in South Africa
A driver in South Africa shot a video of a man in a wheelchair hitching a ride on the back of a semi-truck before letting go of the truck and exiting the freeway.

Driver caught watching Married At First Sight on Australian motorway
A driver was issued with a fine and demerit points after being caught watching Married At First Sight while driving.


School bus driver charged with distracted driving while transporting children
Ontario Provincial Police charged a school bus driver with distracted driving after she was filmed using a mobile phone while allegedly operating a bus with children on board.

Video: Distracted Abu Dhabi driver rams into car at red traffic light
Police released video footage of a distracted driver speeding towards a traffic light junction without realising that another vehicle had stopped in front to warn motorists about the dangers of distracted driving.
Gulf News UAE

Driver nearly slams her jeep into men who threw snowballs at her
A woman was arrested and charged with reckless driving and DUI after she tried to run down a group of people throwing snowballs at her vehicle.

Police stop HK$3.8 million Ferrari for speeding at 100mph on busy Hong Kong highway – and find driver is on wanted list
A businessman was arrested for dangerous driving after police officers in an unmarked car followed him and told him to pull over. They discovered the driver was on a wanted list for failing to appear in court in connection with a traffic offence.
South China Morning Post 

Mum and baby’s car hit by teen danger driver
A teenager with no driving licence crashed his car into a stationary vehicle containing a mum and her six-month-old during a police pursuit.
Lancashire Telegraph

88-year-old driver injures two schoolboys and pensioner after losing control of her car
An 88-year-old driver ploughed into a pensioner and injured two schoolboys after she mistakenly put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.
Liverpool Echo 

Video: UAE driver crashes into car, narrowly missing 3 pedestrians
Police released CCTV footage of an incident in which a car narrowly avoided colliding with three pedestrians to show motorists how dangerous using a mobile phone while driving can be.
Gulf News UAE 

Distracted driver crashes into police cruiser, rolls vehicle over, police say
A distracted driver rolled their vehicle over after crashing into the side of a police cruiser parked on the side of the road.
KSAT 12 

Driver jailed for killing PCSO during 105mph chase after taking cocaine
A dangerous driver was jailed for nine years for killing a Police Community Support Officer during a 105mph chase after smoking cocaine.
Belfast Telegraph 

Driver ‘uploaded 170mph speeding to Facebook’
A driver was arrested after speeding at 170mph and uploading the footage to Facebook.
BBC News

Driver fights ticket for using cellphone he claims was actually a McDonald’s hash brown
A man is fighting a ticket for distracted driving because he says police mistook a McDonald’s hash brown for his cellphone.


Dangerous driver John McCabe was already banned until 2098
A driver, banned for previous motoring offences until 2098, is facing jail after crashing into a police dog van, leaving an officer with glass shards in his eye.
The Northern Echo

Police: Driver Looking At WhatsApp Messages When She Fatally Struck Pedestrian
Police say an unlicensed driver was looking at her cell phone when she hit and killed a man who was crossing the street.
CBS Los Angeles

Man caught reading behind the wheel on Melbourne freeway
A man has been caught holding a book with one hand and using the other hand to steer down a busy freeway.

Video shows hair-raising chase as dangerous driver reached 80mph in a 30mph zone
A dangerous driver was caught on camera as he travelled at up to 80mph trying to escape police.
Teesside Live

A30 lorry driver on wrong side of carriageway arrested on suspicion of drink-driving
A truck driver was arrested for drink-driving after allegedly driving down the wrong side of the road.
Devon Live

Vehicle plunges off Penang Bridge into sea, police say driver was a 20-year old student
A search and rescue operation began in Malaysia after a vehicle plunged off a bridge and into the sea, following a collision on the bridge.
The Straits Times 

Distracted HGV driver killed two holidaymakers when he ploughed into them at 52mph
A HGV driver crushed two people to death after becoming distracted on a motorway and ploughing into their car at more than 50mph.
Wales Online

Bird Box challenge leads to two-car crash in US, despite Netflix warnings
A 17-year-old girl caused a two-car crash after allegedly covering her eyes with a beanie as part of a social media challenge based on the Netflix movie Bird Box.


Three young dads killed when unlicensed driver drunk and on drugs ploughed into HGV
Three young fathers died in a horror car crash when one of them – an unlicensed driver who had been drinking and taking drugs – ploughed into a truck.
Wales Online

Passenger killed when unlicensed teen girl rolls car
A male passenger was killed when an unlicensed 15-year-old girl rolled a vehicle.

Watch a Sober, Sleepy Driver Launch His BMW Into the Top of a Tunnel
A security camera trained on a tunnel captured the moment a driver hit a barrier at high speed, launching his vehicle into the air and colliding with the top of the tunnel’s entrance.
The Drive

Driver jailed for sixth time after fatal drink-driving crash
A 24-year-old drink-driver who killed his passenger in a crash has begun his sixth jail term.

Driver used chicken wings sticker to hide license plate
Police in California said a driver tried to avoid toll enforcement by covering part of their license plate with a sticker from a package of chicken wings.

Truck crash covers highway in shirts, shoes
Traffic was slowed on a US highway when a semi truck overturned, spilled its load of shirts and shoes into the roadway and caught fire.

SA businessman suing Swedish company claiming lighter caused car crash
A businessman is suing a Scandinavian tobacco company claiming a flint from one of its cigarette lighters caused him to crash his car.

Teenage girl dead after car crash near Mandurah was given driver’s licence just hours earlier
A young woman was killed just hours after getting the P-plates that allowed her to drive a car without a supervising adult for the first time.


Ohio driver captures video of dangerous couch moving method
A driver captured a video of a couch being moved on top of an SUV — with a person perched atop the vehicle to hold it still.

Man fights distracted driving ticket; says police mistook McDonald’s hash brown for cell phone
A driver who was pulled over and ticketed by police for distracted driving said he wasn’t using a phone; he was eating a hash brown.

Twenty-eight including children drown in India bus crash
At least 28 people, many of them children, drowned after a bus plunged into a canal in India. Police could not provide the exact number of passengers on board or the cause of the crash but said the driver was apparently speeding.
Pakistan Today

6th-grader’s note helps solve school bus hit-and-run
A young girl in left a note on a man’s car explaining what had happened after the driver of her school bus hit the vehicle and drove off.
Global News

German teenager loses driving licence after 49 minutes
A teenager lost his licence while returning from his successful driving test when he was caught by police travelling at 95km/h in a 50km/h zone.
BBC News

Driver plays trumpet behind the wheel on busy highway
A driver was caught on camera playing a trumpet as he drove along a highway at about 70mph.

Driver Distracted by Cell Phone Hit School Bus in Ansonia: Police
A man who hit a school bus head-on admitted to police that he had been distracted by his cell phone while driving.


Bus driver on phone while driving
A passenger on a bus recorded the driver using her phone to look for a song that was requested by another passenger. A spokesperson for the bus company said that while he didn’t agree with her actions, by law it was “appropriate”.

WATCH: Taxi driver arrested after going viral for driving on wrong side of the road
Police arrested a taxi driver after video footage of the taxi driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic went viral on Facebook.

DASHCAM: New Hope, Minn. officer struck by distracted driver
Dash camera video footage caught the moment a police officer’s vehicle was struck at an intersection by another vehicle that had run a red light.

Driver distracted by GPS seriously injures elderly woman
An elderly woman was seriously injured when a woman ran a stop sign while looking at her GPS.

Emoji texting driver jailed for death crash
A woman who had been texting emojis on her phone moments before a crash that killed another motorist has been jailed.
BBC News 

Video shows ‘reckless’ Auckland driver hit by train after ignoring barriers
Shocking footage shows an Auckland car get hit by a train after ignoring barriers at a crossing.

Cow takes a ride in back seat of pickup truck
A surprised traveler captured video footage of a driver transporting a cow in the back seat of his pick-up truck.

Driver suspended for letting monkey steer bus
A bus driver in India was suspended after a video emerged of him letting a monkey help steer the bus.


Truck driver was using mobile when he killed grandmother on A75
A truck driver who was using his mobile phone when he crashed into a car, killing a grandmother, has been jailed for five years.
ITV News

Driver charged after pedestrian mowed down in hit-run
A driver has been charged with dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm after allegedly losing control of his car and mowing down a pedestrian.

Driver high on cocaine jailed for 90mph joyride as police chased him
A banned driver has been jailed after leading police on a 94mph chase while high on cocaine.

Indiana school bus driver caught on video allegedly allowing kids as young as 11 to drive her vehicle
A school bus driver has been arrested after she allegedly let three students, ages 11, 13 and 17, drive her vehicle, according to police.
USA Today

Man spared jail after driving at Manchester Airport parking official
A teacher who drove at an airport parking official in a dispute over drop-off costs has been spared jail after the judge described the fees as an “absolute disgrace”.
BBC News

Trucker guilty of dangerous driving in deadly Ontario highway crash
A trucker, whose prolonged inattentiveness on a highway triggered a horrific crash that left four people dead and several others injured, has been found guilty of four counts of dangerous driving causing death.
The Star

WATCH: ‘I was trying to get my phone’ – incredible moment driver rolls huge truck
Dashcam footage tweeted by Arrive Alive captured the moment a truck driver got up from his seat, left the wheel unattended and crashed his truck.

Maserati driver arrested after speeding, driving against traffic in Lorong Chuan
A driver who was caught by a dashcam camera speeding and going against traffic has been arrested for dangerous driving.
Channel NewsAsia

Jail for killer drink driver who did U-turn on the M1
A drink driver has been jailed for 11 years for causing the death of a father of four after doing a u-turn in the middle of the M1.
ITV News

Man falls asleep while driving but walks out alive after massive crash
A delivery van driver escaped death after reportedly falling asleep while driving and causing a massive crash.

Driver takes dangerous detour through neighbor’s yard near elementary school
Surveillance video from a gas station captured the moment a driver sped through an intersection, drove through the gas station parking lot and through the yard of a house as children walked to school.
WSAZ News Channel 3


Is this the most distracted driver in B.C.?
A photograph was posted on a social news website showing a woman driving with a phone in her hand, a book in her lap and a packet of Cheetos in easy reach.
Vancouver Courier

Teenage boy busted ‘driving with a friend in the boot’ at Botany Bay
When highway patrol officers stopped a red P-plate driver in Sydney they found another five people inside the car, including one in the boot.

The moment a dangerous driver ploughed his Mercedes into another car and into a garden
CCTV cameras captured the moment a driver careered across a road, ploughing into the side of a Nissan hatchback and forcing it through a resident’s fencing into their front garden.
Manchester Evening News

‘Stupid’ learner driver in Mercedes did 140mph in 50mph zone during police chase
A driver who held only a provisional licence took two passengers on a 140mph police chase through city streets.
Leicester Mercury

Video: Traffic comes to a grinding halt as ducks cross busy highway
A group of ducks brought a busy highway to a grinding halt when they crossed a road in New Zealand.
Khaleej Times

4 teenagers killed while pushing SUV on Indiana highway on way to slumber party, police say
Four teenagers were killed when they were hit by a vehicle while helping to push a broken-down SUV along a highway.
Fox News

Man says his SUV was hit because of Trump bumper sticker
A driver whose SUV was rammed by a car believes his vehicle was targeted because he had a President Trump bumper sticker on it.

Facebook: South Dakota Highway Patrol
30,000 pounds of meat ended up on the ground when two semis collided in dense fog. Fortunately both drivers were wearing seatbelts and only received minor injuries.
South Dakota Highway Patrol

Woman dies in car crash after driver tries to avoid hitting dog
A 53-year-old woman died after a driver caused a collision when he tried to avoid hitting a dog that was loose on a freeway.

Man carries 16 bikes while riding motor scooter
A man in China was filmed transporting 16 bicycles on a bar across his shoulders while riding his scooter on a city street.

JULY 2018

Teenage driver ploughs into five pedestrians after losing control of BMW
A teenager ploughed into a group of men when he lost control of his father’s car, which he did not have permission to drive.

Minibus passengers ‘terrified’ as drunk man jumped into driver’s seat and sped off
Passengers on a minibus were left “terrified” when their driver got off to help people with luggage and a drunk man jumped behind the wheel and sped off.
Wales Online

Semi driver crashes on highway while trying to swat fly
A driver crashed his semi truck on the interstate, spilling 42,000 pounds of plastic rolls on the highway, after he tried to swat a fly.

Florida driver reaching for phone kills 2 horses and injures riders, police say
Police say that a man was reaching for his cellphone when he struck and killed two horses and seriously injured a woman and young girl.
CBS News

Couple out for motorcycle ride with family members killed when driver turns in front of them
A woman turned her car into the path of three motorcycles, killing a husband and wife who were riding two of the bikes.
Star Tribune

Watch: Police send out safety warning after reckless driver causes three-car road smash
Police in Abu Dhabi issued a safety plea after sharing video footage of a driver suddenly changing lanes without warning, causing a three-car smash.

Drink-driver killed pensioner in horror road smash after downing vodka
A drunk driver killed a 76-year-old taxi driver in a head-on collision after driving on the wrong side of a country road at 2 a.m.
Daily Record

Video shows Roseville PD nearly T-boned by distracted driver
Police released dashcam footage of an officer who narrowly missed being T-boned to remind drivers of the dangers of distracted driving.

‘Drunk driver’ stopped by cops told them his dog was behind the wheel
A drunk driver who was pulled over by police told them his dog was the one behind the wheel and that any erratic driving was the animal’s fault.

Alleged drink driver crashes car into Gold Coast pond
A female driver blew over the legal drink-drive limit after crashing her car into a pond just before 7 a.m. in the morning.
The Age

‘Selfish’ dangerous driver jailed after causing a crash which left 10-year-old girl needing leg amputation
A driver who was travelling at speeds of up to 78mph in a 30mph limit before causing a crash which left a 10-year-old girl needing part of her leg amputated was jailed for nearly four years.
Yahoo! News

Suspected drunk driver smashes into Houston police officer’s patrol car
A suspected drunk driver crashed into a police officer’s car, resulting in a road being closed for at least an hour.

SUV slams into barber shop after driver suffers medical emergency
Video footage showed the moment an SUV crashed into a barber shop after the driver reportedly suffered a medical emergency at the wheel.

JUNE 2018

Watch: Driver evades police after low-speed water chase
Footage taken by a passer-by shows a vehicle driving into the sea as it is pursued by police officers.

Uber driver gets stuck while trying to drive down stairs in city centre
When an Uber driver’s vehicle was left dangling over a flight of stairs witnesses guessed that the driver must have been following GPS.

FIFA World Cup 2018: sleeping taxi driver hits WC fans in Moscow
A taxi driver who crashed into eight pedestrians in Moscow told police interrogators he fell asleep at the wheel after not sleeping for 20 hours.

Passenger tossed from car and survives following fiery Florida toll booth crash
Surveillance footage shows the moment a passenger was sent flying out of a car window when a car crashed into a Florida toll booth after the driver allegedly fell asleep.
Inside Edition

‘Pickled’ drink driver blames eating jar of gherkins for his high alcohol reading
A man who was caught driving while almost three times the legal limit blamed a jar of gherkins for putting him over the limit.
Daily Record

Uber driver watched football on iPad for 30 minutes while driving
An Uber customer filmed his driver watching a live stream of the football on an iPad during a 30-minute journey through central London.

Truck comes off second best after driver hits bridge with raised trailer
A trailer was ripped from a truck’s rig when a driver collided with a bridge with the trailer raised.
The Age

Learner driver crashes while allegedly drunk, unsupervised
Police have charged a 23-year-old learner driver who allegedly crashed into the front steps and mailbox of a house in Canberra while impaired and unsupervised.
The Age

VIDEO: Teen driver racks up 11 violations during one traffic stop
Police footage shows a teenage driver racking up a total of 11 infractions during one traffic stop.


Police stop woman who was reading storybook to her young child as she drove through Branksome
A mum was pulled over by police after they spotted her reading a book to her young child while driving.
Bournemouth Echo

Drunk teen driver films herself crashing on Snapchat
A teenager filmed herself crashing her car on Snapchat while she was three times over the drink-drive limit.

Ferrari driver crashes £200k Spider supercar into garden after ‘accelerator pedal gets stuck’
A Ferrari Spider supercar left a roundabout, crossed a pavement and ended up wedged in a bush in the front garden of a house after the driver said the accelerator stuck on and he couldn’t slow down.

Unlicensed teen driver arrested after flipping vehicle on rural Virginia road
A 15-year-old girl has been charged with reckless driving and for not having a driver’s license after flipping her car ‘several times’ and crashing into a tree.

Sleeping Lorry Driver Jailed
A truck driver with undiagnosed sleep apnoea who fell asleep at the wheel drove for almost a mile on the wrong side of a motorway and caused a two-car smash.

Drug driver in hit-run wants a shorter sentence because cyclist didn’t die
A driver who was affected by drugs when she veered onto the wrong side of a road and hit a cyclist head-on, leaving him for dead, has launched a fight to get her prison sentence reduced because her victim didn’t die.
The Age 

Reckless Driver Drank ‘Catnip Cocktail,’ Wayne Police Say
A driver who made an “extremely dangerous maneuver” was under the influence of a “catnip cocktail”, according to the police who arrested him.
Saddlebrook Daily Voice

Fixed penalty notice for dangerous driver caught with just three tyres
A driver who had continued for several times with just three tyres was caught by police officers who shared a picture of the vehicle on social media.
Derry Daily

Death crash driver accused of ‘texting seconds before fatal collision’
A driver was texting his girlfriend just seconds before his car ploughed into three young women, killing two of them, a court heard.
Lancashire Post

Distracted driver lands SUV on frozen creek in Bridgeville
Police said distracted driving was to blame when an SUV left the road and ended up stranded on a frozen creek.
Trib Live

Driver reportedly distracted by rainbow injured after rear-ending milk truck
A driver who was injured when their vehicle rear-ended the back of a 40,000-pound milk truck admitted to looking at a rainbow at the time of the crash, according to police.

Cat distracts driver, causes three wrecks in Rhome
A series of collisions was caused when a driver was distracted by her cat while traveling on a state highway.
Dallas News


One careful owner: Police pull over vehicle with no lights, wipers or windows
A driver was pulled over by police in a vehicle that appeared to have been used for banger racing – with no windows, lights or mirrors and dented panels.

Driver tells police he was picking up his phone after crashing into home
A house was left with a gaping hole in the side after a driver lost control of his Jeep while reaching down to pick up his cell phone.

Family shock as car crashes, lands in lounge
A family was left in shock after a car crashed through their fence and landed in their lounge as they prepared lunch.

Watch: Truck & trailer jack-knifes on southern Auckland motorway, leaving thousands grid-locked
The moment a massive truck and trailer jack-knifed on an Auckland motorway blocking all northbound traffic was caught on camera by a commuter travelling in the other direction.

Video shows Douglas County deputy’s close call with distracted driver
A video posted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy’s close call with a distracted driver, in which an oncoming truck sideswiped the sheriff’s vehicle.

COURT REPORT: Driver jailed for three years after killing a man while ‘distracted’ by a hands free call
A teaching assistant who was having an ‘in-depth’ conversation on a hands-free phone when she crashed into and killed a 26-year-old dad has been jailed for three years.
Boston Standard

Reckless driver spun 180 degrees after attempting dangerous overtake
Dashcam footage captured the moment a reckless driver was spun 180 degrees after attempting a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre at a junction.

Doncaster man embarked on dangerous, 20-minute police chase ‘out of loyalty to his dog,’ court told
A homeless man who was living in a hire van led police on a 20-minute chase out of loyalty to his dog, because he believed it was an illegal breed.
Yorkshire Post

Driver caught using Facetime at the wheel
A motorcyclist’s helmet camera footage captured the moment a driver was apparently using Facetime whilst at the wheel of her car.

Moment ‘sleeping driver’ smashed his lorry into cars on M6 revealed in dashcam video
Dashcam footage shows the moment a lorry driver ploughed into two cars after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel.
Sky News


Man leaps from the path of drink driver as he crashes convertible Bentley
A man leaped from the path of a convertible Bentley as it crashed in a pub car park, after trying to take the keys from the drunk driver.

Vancouver police ticket driver with iPhone, tablet fastened to steering wheel
Police issued a ticket after spotting a driver with both an iPhone and tablet fastened to his steering wheel with string.
Vancouver Sun 

Driver who was swigging beer at the wheel of a stolen van jailed after ramming into police during 17-mile high-speed chase
A driver rammed a police car during a 17-mile high-speed chase in a stolen van while swigging beer at the wheel, a court heard.
Express and Star

Bagpipe-playing driver stuns Dunedin police
A Kiwi driver was warned by police after he was caught playing the bagpipes instead of keeping his hands on the wheel of his car.

Vancouver driver fined for playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel
Vancouver police fined a driver $368 after spotting him playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel.
CTV News Vancouver 

Dangerous driver slammed by judge for causing ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ style head-on collision on Antrim road
A judge said that a driver whose speeding vehicle was “airborne” on a road when it struck another car was like something out of the 1980s ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ TV show.
The Irish Sun

Child run over while tying shoelaces. Watch how people save him
Passers-by lifted a car to rescue a boy after he was ran over while tying his shoelaces.

Auckland taxi driver terrified after rock hits his car on the motorway
An Auckland taxi driver described his terror when a rock allegedly thrown from a pedestrian overbridge hit the bonnet of his car while he was driving on the motorway.
NZ Herald 

Car flattens tree‚ hits house as driver swats insect
A car reportedly veered from a road, obliterated a tree and slammed into a home – all because the driver had been trying to swat an insect on the steering wheel.
Times Live, SA 

Drunk driver ploughs into police roadblock
A 21-year-old, “highly intoxicated” motorist was arrested for slamming into a police roadblock and injuring a policeman.
News 24


Hit-and-run learner driver left teenager in coma
A speeding learner driver who left a teenager in a coma after crashing into her as she crossed a road has been jailed for two years.
BBC News 

Watch: Audi driver banned after shocking attempt at overtaking on median strip lands him in hot water
A man was fined and banned from driving after using a motorway median strip to overtake another vehicle.

Staffordshire 132mph drink-driver caught out by own dashcam
A drink-driver who crashed after speeding at 132mph was caught out when police found incriminating footage on his dashcam.
BBC News 

Passenger films Chewbacca stuck in Atlanta traffic
A car passenger stuck in Atlanta traffic captured an unusual sight on the road – Star Wars character Chewbacca riding an open-air car.
United Press International

So. Many. Questions
A panda head-wearing biker who claimed he wanted his riding videos to go “viral” was cited by police for reckless driving.
Minnesota State Police Facebook Post

Coach driver filmed ‘doing paperwork’ on mobile phone while driving passengers at over 60mph
A group of coach passengers were horrified when they saw their driver using his mobile phone while driving on busy motorway.
Daily Post

£1.5m supercar crashes into barrier
A one-off Italian supercar worth £1.5m was significantly damaged after it collided with a barrier while travelling in convoy with other super sports cars.
Sky News

‘Lucky driver’ escapes injury when crowbar flies into windshield
A driver walked away unscathed after a crowbar crashed through the windshield of a pickup truck.
United Press International

Taco-eating driver crashes truck in Washington
A driver crashed his tractor-trailer on a state highway, spilling a load of woodchips across the two-lane road, after being distracted by a taco.
Fox News

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eDriving – One More Second
Interactive Driving Systems – Create a Crash Free Culture


The new legislation, which came into force this month, will see drivers fined €120 and handed three penalty points if they are caught putting cyclists at risk.

New law to protect cyclists in Ireland

A new law has made it an offence to “dangerously overtake” a cyclist in Ireland. The new legislation, which came into force this month, will...