JUNE 2018

Watch: Driver evades police after low-speed water chase
Footage taken by a passer-by shows a vehicle driving into the sea as it is pursued by police officers.

Uber driver gets stuck while trying to drive down stairs in city centre
When an Uber driver’s vehicle was left dangling over a flight of stairs witnesses guessed that the driver must have been following GPS.

FIFA World Cup 2018: sleeping taxi driver hits WC fans in Moscow
A taxi driver who crashed into eight pedestrians in Moscow told police interrogators he fell asleep at the wheel after not sleeping for 20 hours.

Passenger tossed from car and survives following fiery Florida toll booth crash
Surveillance footage shows the moment a passenger was sent flying out of a car window when a car crashed into a Florida toll booth after the driver allegedly fell asleep.
Inside Edition

‘Pickled’ drink driver blames eating jar of gherkins for his high alcohol reading
A man who was caught driving while almost three times the legal limit blamed a jar of gherkins for putting him over the limit.
Daily Record

Uber driver watched football on iPad for 30 minutes while driving
An Uber customer filmed his driver watching a live stream of the football on an iPad during a 30-minute journey through central London.

Truck comes off second best after driver hits bridge with raised trailer
A trailer was ripped from a truck’s rig when a driver collided with a bridge with the trailer raised.
The Age

Learner driver crashes while allegedly drunk, unsupervised
Police have charged a 23-year-old learner driver who allegedly crashed into the front steps and mailbox of a house in Canberra while impaired and unsupervised.
The Age

VIDEO: Teen driver racks up 11 violations during one traffic stop
Police footage shows a teenage driver racking up a total of 11 infractions during one traffic stop.


Police stop woman who was reading storybook to her young child as she drove through Branksome
A mum was pulled over by police after they spotted her reading a book to her young child while driving.
Bournemouth Echo

Drunk teen driver films herself crashing on Snapchat
A teenager filmed herself crashing her car on Snapchat while she was three times over the drink-drive limit.

Ferrari driver crashes £200k Spider supercar into garden after ‘accelerator pedal gets stuck’
A Ferrari Spider supercar left a roundabout, crossed a pavement and ended up wedged in a bush in the front garden of a house after the driver said the accelerator stuck on and he couldn’t slow down.

Unlicensed teen driver arrested after flipping vehicle on rural Virginia road
A 15-year-old girl has been charged with reckless driving and for not having a driver’s license after flipping her car ‘several times’ and crashing into a tree.

Sleeping Lorry Driver Jailed
A truck driver with undiagnosed sleep apnoea who fell asleep at the wheel drove for almost a mile on the wrong side of a motorway and caused a two-car smash.

Drug driver in hit-run wants a shorter sentence because cyclist didn’t die
A driver who was affected by drugs when she veered onto the wrong side of a road and hit a cyclist head-on, leaving him for dead, has launched a fight to get her prison sentence reduced because her victim didn’t die.
The Age 

Reckless Driver Drank ‘Catnip Cocktail,’ Wayne Police Say
A driver who made an “extremely dangerous maneuver” was under the influence of a “catnip cocktail”, according to the police who arrested him.
Saddlebrook Daily Voice

Fixed penalty notice for dangerous driver caught with just three tyres
A driver who had continued for several times with just three tyres was caught by police officers who shared a picture of the vehicle on social media.
Derry Daily

Death crash driver accused of ‘texting seconds before fatal collision’
A driver was texting his girlfriend just seconds before his car ploughed into three young women, killing two of them, a court heard.
Lancashire Post

Distracted driver lands SUV on frozen creek in Bridgeville
Police said distracted driving was to blame when an SUV left the road and ended up stranded on a frozen creek.
Trib Live

Driver reportedly distracted by rainbow injured after rear-ending milk truck
A driver who was injured when their vehicle rear-ended the back of a 40,000-pound milk truck admitted to looking at a rainbow at the time of the crash, according to police.

Cat distracts driver, causes three wrecks in Rhome
A series of collisions was caused when a driver was distracted by her cat while traveling on a state highway.
Dallas News


One careful owner: Police pull over vehicle with no lights, wipers or windows
A driver was pulled over by police in a vehicle that appeared to have been used for banger racing – with no windows, lights or mirrors and dented panels.

Driver tells police he was picking up his phone after crashing into home
A house was left with a gaping hole in the side after a driver lost control of his Jeep while reaching down to pick up his cell phone.

Family shock as car crashes, lands in lounge
A family was left in shock after a car crashed through their fence and landed in their lounge as they prepared lunch.

Watch: Truck & trailer jack-knifes on southern Auckland motorway, leaving thousands grid-locked
The moment a massive truck and trailer jack-knifed on an Auckland motorway blocking all northbound traffic was caught on camera by a commuter travelling in the other direction.

Video shows Douglas County deputy’s close call with distracted driver
A video posted by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy’s close call with a distracted driver, in which an oncoming truck sideswiped the sheriff’s vehicle.

COURT REPORT: Driver jailed for three years after killing a man while ‘distracted’ by a hands free call
A teaching assistant who was having an ‘in-depth’ conversation on a hands-free phone when she crashed into and killed a 26-year-old dad has been jailed for three years.
Boston Standard

Reckless driver spun 180 degrees after attempting dangerous overtake
Dashcam footage captured the moment a reckless driver was spun 180 degrees after attempting a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre at a junction.

Doncaster man embarked on dangerous, 20-minute police chase ‘out of loyalty to his dog,’ court told
A homeless man who was living in a hire van led police on a 20-minute chase out of loyalty to his dog, because he believed it was an illegal breed.
Yorkshire Post

Driver caught using Facetime at the wheel
A motorcyclist’s helmet camera footage captured the moment a driver was apparently using Facetime whilst at the wheel of her car.

Moment ‘sleeping driver’ smashed his lorry into cars on M6 revealed in dashcam video
Dashcam footage shows the moment a lorry driver ploughed into two cars after he apparently fell asleep at the wheel.
Sky News


Man leaps from the path of drink driver as he crashes convertible Bentley
A man leaped from the path of a convertible Bentley as it crashed in a pub car park, after trying to take the keys from the drunk driver.

Vancouver police ticket driver with iPhone, tablet fastened to steering wheel
Police issued a ticket after spotting a driver with both an iPhone and tablet fastened to his steering wheel with string.
Vancouver Sun 

Driver who was swigging beer at the wheel of a stolen van jailed after ramming into police during 17-mile high-speed chase
A driver rammed a police car during a 17-mile high-speed chase in a stolen van while swigging beer at the wheel, a court heard.
Express and Star

Bagpipe-playing driver stuns Dunedin police
A Kiwi driver was warned by police after he was caught playing the bagpipes instead of keeping his hands on the wheel of his car.

Vancouver driver fined for playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel
Vancouver police fined a driver $368 after spotting him playing Pokémon Go behind the wheel.
CTV News Vancouver 

Dangerous driver slammed by judge for causing ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ style head-on collision on Antrim road
A judge said that a driver whose speeding vehicle was “airborne” on a road when it struck another car was like something out of the 1980s ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ TV show.
The Irish Sun

Child run over while tying shoelaces. Watch how people save him
Passers-by lifted a car to rescue a boy after he was ran over while tying his shoelaces.

Auckland taxi driver terrified after rock hits his car on the motorway
An Auckland taxi driver described his terror when a rock allegedly thrown from a pedestrian overbridge hit the bonnet of his car while he was driving on the motorway.
NZ Herald 

Car flattens tree‚ hits house as driver swats insect
A car reportedly veered from a road, obliterated a tree and slammed into a home – all because the driver had been trying to swat an insect on the steering wheel.
Times Live, SA 

Drunk driver ploughs into police roadblock
A 21-year-old, “highly intoxicated” motorist was arrested for slamming into a police roadblock and injuring a policeman.
News 24


Hit-and-run learner driver left teenager in coma
A speeding learner driver who left a teenager in a coma after crashing into her as she crossed a road has been jailed for two years.
BBC News 

Watch: Audi driver banned after shocking attempt at overtaking on median strip lands him in hot water
A man was fined and banned from driving after using a motorway median strip to overtake another vehicle.

Staffordshire 132mph drink-driver caught out by own dashcam
A drink-driver who crashed after speeding at 132mph was caught out when police found incriminating footage on his dashcam.
BBC News 

Passenger films Chewbacca stuck in Atlanta traffic
A car passenger stuck in Atlanta traffic captured an unusual sight on the road – Star Wars character Chewbacca riding an open-air car.
United Press International

So. Many. Questions
A panda head-wearing biker who claimed he wanted his riding videos to go “viral” was cited by police for reckless driving.
Minnesota State Police Facebook Post

Coach driver filmed ‘doing paperwork’ on mobile phone while driving passengers at over 60mph
A group of coach passengers were horrified when they saw their driver using his mobile phone while driving on busy motorway.
Daily Post

£1.5m supercar crashes into barrier
A one-off Italian supercar worth £1.5m was significantly damaged after it collided with a barrier while travelling in convoy with other super sports cars.
Sky News

‘Lucky driver’ escapes injury when crowbar flies into windshield
A driver walked away unscathed after a crowbar crashed through the windshield of a pickup truck.
United Press International

Taco-eating driver crashes truck in Washington
A driver crashed his tractor-trailer on a state highway, spilling a load of woodchips across the two-lane road, after being distracted by a taco.
Fox News


Hungry elephant overturns vehicle on Sri Lanka road in search of food
A tourist in Sri Lanka captured the moment an elephant tipped over a tuk tuk vehicle after being fed by a tourist.
United Press International

Driver ignores non-functional tire, drives down road at odd angle
A driver on a Russian road captured a video of another car traveling at an askew angle, with smoke billowing from a non-moving back tire.
United Press International

Bear rides in motorcycle sidecar, blows into horn
Drivers on a Russian road were given a surprise when they spotted a bear taking a ride in a motorcycle sidecar, then playing a horn when stopped at a light.

Koala found clinging to vehicle’s axle
A koala survived a 10-mile trip in Australia stuck under a car’s wheel arch until the driver stopped and heard the animal’s cries.
Sky News

Maryland bus driver suspended for reading paper behind the wheel
Transit officials said a Maryland bus driver had been suspended after a video went viral that showed him apparently reading a newspaper while driving with passengers.
United Press International

Driver filmed eating “bacon sandwich” on motorway with no hands on wheel
A reckless motorist was filmed driving along a motorway at 50mph with no hands on the wheel, while he ate what appeared to be a bacon sandwich.

Middlesbrough bearded driver seat swap foiled by police
A bearded driver failed to fool police when he attempted to swap seats with his beardless, female, passenger. He subsequently admitted to driving without insurance or a licence.
BBC News

Puppy strapped to car roof in scorching heat as driver speeds down highway
An SUV was photographed traveling down a highway in Australia with a caged puppy strapped to its roof.

Man caught on camera standing on roof of moving car with no driver
Security cameras captured a man standing on the roof of his car as it rolled almost 2,000 feet down the road with no driver inside.
United Press International

Police: Driver crashes into crowd at block party, injuring 8
Police said a woman was facing charges of driving under the influence after she crashed into a crowd while trying to drive around a block party. The woman told officers that the brakes failed on her SUV.
Fox News


Driver caught holding phone in EACH hand by Surrey Police
A driver was caught holding a phone in each hand while travelling at 60mph.

Driver distracted by his phone hits police car trying to pull him over
A man was allegedly so distracted by his cell phone that he hit a Maryland State Police patrol car that had been maneuvered directly in front of his vehicle in an effort to pull him over.

Cat re-enacts ‘Cape Fear’ on highway, evades disaster
A driver’s dashboard camera captured the moment a cat clinging to the bottom of a car on the highway bailed out and was nearly struck.
United Press International

Video of truck slamming into overhead sign goes viral
A video showing a large dump truck colliding with an overhead freeway sign has gone viral.

Car drives down Kentucky road with dolly in place of missing tire
A driver captured a video of a car using a furniture-moving dolly in the place of a missing wheel.
United Press International

‘It was the bird’s fault, officer, honest!’
A driver lost control of his SUV after a bird flew through the window of his vehicle, smacking him in the face.

VIDEO – North Yorkshire driver banned for towing man in wheelchair
A man has been banned from driving for 20 months after he was caught pulling another man along a road in a wheelchair.
Minster FM

Banned driver led police on high speed chase with his kids in the back seat
A banned driver led police on a high speed chase with his two children in the back seat, a court heard.
Lincolnshire Live

Bristol bus driver photographed ‘reading a newspaper’ at traffic lights
A Bristol bus driver has been accused of reading a newspaper while stopped at a red light.
Bristol Post

JULY 2017

Lorry driver filmed his own crash on FaceTime
A truck driver was jailed after his own dashcam caught him using FaceTime at the wheel as he crashed into the back of a tractor.

Manitoba RCMP pull over lawn mower, impaired driving charges laid
A man was arrested after being pulled over by police while driving a lawn mower.

Teenage driver live-streams crash that kills younger sister
A teenage driver livestreamed a fatal crash that killed her younger sister. In a recording of the livestream she was shown shaking her unresponsive sister after the crash and saying she was sorry.

Texting and driving: Police release fatal car crash video to warn drivers
Police released footage of a fatal car crash to warn other drivers about the dangers of texting behind the wheel.
The Independent

RPD: Distracted driving leads to car hitting sign, destroying front lawn
Police said distracted driving led to a crash where a car went off the road, hit a sign, then slammed into a parked car.

Shocking footage shows driver watching football on TV while driving
A distracted driver was filmed by fellow motorists as he watched a football match on his phone.

‘Lucky escape’ for teenage driver after crash
A driver who crashed into a fence had a lucky escape after two wooden posts which went through the windscreen narrowly missed his head.

Danger driver was chewing cannabis leaves when caught
A dangerous driver who sped away from police on Christmas Day and then crashed was chewing cannabis leaves when police officers caught up with him.
News and Star

Car-surfing girl who punctured lung made ‘silly mistake’, sister says
A teenage girl was injured after falling from the bonnet of a moving car.

Footage shows out-of-control car spinning into pedestrians
Police released footage of the moment a car spun 180 degrees and careered into the path of a couple as it travelled at 40mph in a 30mph zone.
Peeblesshire News

Drunk and dangerous teen driver slammed car through bakery wall
A teenager lost control of his car and smashed into the side of a bakery, narrowly missing the man working inside.

Hungarian driver jailed for fatal wrong side of road crash
A Hungarian truck driver was jailed after hitting and killing a motorcyclist while driving on the wrong side of the road.
BBC News

JUNE 2017

Learner driver smashes into house, hurting two
A learner driver in Australia crashed through a fence and hit the front of a house.
Daily Mercury

Teenage driver faces court after ploughing into garage ‘to avoid cat’
A new driver ploughed into a house after swerving around two parked cars and a tree to avoid hitting a cat.
BBC News

Snake slithers across truck on west Texas highway
A driver was faced with an unusual distraction when a snake appeared from under the trunk of his vehicle and couldn’t make up its mind whether to leave the vehicle or stay inside.
United Press International

Driver caught with plastic passenger in HOV lane, meant for “2 or more actual humans”
A driver was issued with a citation after being spotted by police with a plastic passenger driving in the HOV lane.

100mph danger driver on M6 at night – with lights switched off
A driver who smashed his vehicle into another car at 100mph in a rainstorm at night told his injured victim: “It was your fault”.
News and Star

Farmer in court over father’s road death
A farmer was accused of causing the death of his father through ‘dangerous driving’ after a truck collided with the tractor and trailer he was driving.

Video: School Bus Carrying 20 Children Nearly Collides With Truck
A video shows a bus carrying 20 children entering a lane on Sydney’s M5 highway, forcing a truck driver to brake suddenly to avoid a collision.

Woman sits on hood of moving car on Houston highway
A driver captured a dangerous scene on a highway when he spotted a woman casually riding on the hood of a moving vehicle as it traveled along a highway.
United Press International

Rooftop balcony driving school in China forced to close after photos posted online
A rooftop driving school that operated on the seventh-floor balcony of a shopping mall in Central China was shut down after photos went viral on social media.
South China Morning Post

Driver attempts to transport couch atop convertible
A fellow driver captured a motorist attempting to transport a large couch by draping it over the top of their convertible car.
United Press International

Driver distracted by her children rear-ends van, seriously injured
A driver was seriously injured after she smashed into the back of a van when she was distracted by her children. Police said one of the children was attempting to unbuckle their seat belt at the time of the crash.

New Jersey police probe video of dangerous highway stunt
Police in New Jersey said they were investigating a video of a shirtless man with nearly his entire body hanging out the window of a car as it traveled at around 80mph on a stretch of highway.

Drunk 150mph driver ‘shaken’ to find police surrounding his car at McDonald’s
A drunk driver who hit speeds of 150mph was “shaken” to find his car surrounded by police when he stopped at McDonald’s.
Liverpool Echo

Distracted driver with unrestrained toddler caught on camera
A female driver was filmed talking on a cell phone while an unrestrained toddler played in the passenger seat.

MAY 2017

Driver jailed for hitting pensioner as he juggled TWO mobile phones before leaving victim dying while deleting call records
A driver admitted causing death by dangerous driving after he crashed into a pensioner while talking on his phone before leaving him to die as he deleted his call records.

‘Distracted’ driver rolls her car on Sydney highway after collision
A driver in northwest Sydney escaped serious injury when she rolled her car after driving through a red light while apparently texting on her phone.

Pregnant driver jailed for ramming cyclist into tree in Hackney
A 25-year-old woman has been jailed after crashing into the back of a cyclist in a ‘calculated’ attack.
Hackney Citizen 

Driver of Crashed Mortuary Van Charged With Drunken Driving
Police said the driver of a mortuary services van involved in crash had been charged with two counts of operating while intoxicated and one count of reckless driving.
U.S. News 

Florida DUI suspect crashes into ‘don’t drink and drive’ patrol car, police say
A man was arrested after he allegedly slammed his vehicle into a “Don’t Drink and Drive” patrol car while drunk.
Fox News 

Driver smashes through house in Surrey
Police posted an image on Twitter showing the extent of the damage caused when a driver smashed into the front of a house.

Florida man cited for driving with SUV’s hood blocking view
A traveler on a highway captured a video of a fellow motorist traveling at high speed in an SUV with the windshield blocked by the vehicle’s hood.
United Press International 

Florida man tries to update registration sticker with marker
The Florida Highway Patrol shared a photo of a driver’s attempt to update his vehicle registration sticker using a permanent marker.
United Press International

New Hampshire Driver Faked Registration Using Cheese Wrapper
A woman was fined and had her vehicle towed after she tried to fake her vehicle registration using a supermarket cheese wrapper.
New Hampshire Public Radio

Couple unwittingly drives onto highway with drunk man on their trunk
A driver didn’t realize there was an intoxicated man on the trunk of his car as he drove onto on interstate after leaving a festival.

APRIL 2017

Watch: Driver uses footpath as ‘third lane’ to beat Auckland traffic
A video shows an impatient driver manoeuvring between fences and power poles on a pavement to beat gridlock traffic.
NZ Herald

Truckie who said he had coughing fit before fatal crash gets five years’ jail
A truck driver who said he had a coughing fit and blacked out moments before a fatal crash has been sentenced to five years in jail.

Driver uses unusual method to tow boat on Florida highway
A video posted to Facebook shows a driver using an unusual method of transporting a boat.
United Press International 

Woman jailed two years for dangerous driving while on Facebook
A woman was jailed for two years and three months after colliding with two stopped vehicles while sending a Facebook message and pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

12-year-old boy drives 800 miles across Australia
A 12-year-old boy managed to drive 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) across remote Australia before being stopped by police.

VIDEO: Big rig drags car for 4 miles
A driver was dragged for almost four miles after his car got hooked on a big rig.

Woman captures large snake hanging out of car window
A driver captured images which showed a vehicle traveling along a freeway with a snake draped over the dash and hanging out of a window.

Australian Police: Fried chicken run no excuse for running red light
Australian Police shared a photo on Twitter of a ticket issued to a driver who ran a red light and told officers they were ‘in a rush to get Nando’s’.
United Press International

Quebec driver charged after police find suspension made from wooden logs and chicken wire
A driver who was stopped by police was discovered to have reinforced his vehicle’s suspension with wooden logs and chicken wire.
Ottawa Citizen

Drunk driver launches car, and her 19-month-old child, over roundabout
A 32-year-old woman was jailed for dangerous driving after she crashed into a roundabout, launching her car nearly 5 metres into the air.

8-year-old boy drives 4-year-old sister to get cheeseburger: Police
An eight-year-old took his sister for a mile-long ride in his dad’s van – including through intersections and over railroad tracks – to get to McDonald’s.

Driver ‘nearly killed friends after being inspired by Fast and Furious’
A driver struck a traffic island while speeding through a tunnel after he was inspired to race by Fast and Furious 7, a court heard.
msn news

MARCH 2017

New Zealand driver fined for driving with unsecured trampoline
A New Zealand driver was given a fine after being spotted traveling on a motorway with a trampoline on the roof of his vehicle.
United Press International

Learner motorcyclist thrown onto the bonnet of an oncoming car
A learner motorcyclist was thrown over the bonnet of an oncoming car after attempting to overtake vehicles at a busy junction.
Mail Online

Watch: Out-of-control driver in China crashes car onto house roof
A driver landed his vehicle on the roof of a house after losing control on an elevated road.
United Press International

Van driver on way back from Euro 2016 fell asleep and caused four-vehicle horror crash
A van driver caused a four-vehicle crash in which five people were hurt when he fell asleep at the wheel on his way home from the Euro 2016 football tournament.
The Northern Echo

Watch: Speeding Uber driver ploughs into petrol pump, bursting into flames
The moment a driver crashed into a petrol pump, causing a fiery explosion, was captured on CCTV.

Distracted Driver Crashes into Subway Restaurant
Police said a woman who crashed into a Subway restaurant was distracted while driving and ‘wasn’t sure’ if she hit the gas or not.

Learner is not convicted of dangerous driving
A learner driver ploughed into a car with such force that a baby was thrown into the air over the top of her own vehicle.
Greenock Telegraph

Forth Road Bridge ‘lorry chaos’ driver appears in court
A man was charged with dangerous driving after the truck he was driving overturned on a bridge which, reportedly, had warning signs in place instructing high-sided vehicles not to cross because of high winds.
Dalgety Bay Today

Crash driver who took selfies with paralysed passenger jailed
A driver paralysed his passenger in a car crash while filming, then took selfies of the pair in the wreckage.
The Guardian

Uh-oh: Teen training with mom drives through garage door
A teen driver crashed into a double garage, ripping off a garage door, while reportedly driving with his mother.

Truck driver shamed online after dangerous driving exposed by dashcam
A video was posted to Facebook which showed a truck travelling erratically along a road, weaving in and out of lines and narrowly missing other vehicles.

‘I’m being chased by the police’ – teenager driver sends text during 80mph pursuit
A female teen crashed a Ford Transit van into a garden wall then took off with police in pursuit and sent a text message to a friend during the five-and-a-half mile high speed chase.
Staffordshire Newsletter

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