A ‘Click It or Ticket’ seat belt campaign has been held in Minnesota urging the ‘small percentage’ of people who don’t wear seatbelts to stay safe by buckling up.

Observational surveys in the State consistently show more than 90 percent of front seat occupants do wear seat belts.

“We’re thankful most Minnesotans buckle up without giving it a second thought,” said OTS Director Mike Hanson. “If you don’t like being told to buckle up, think beyond yourself for one moment. The law is a lifesaver. Without it, the heartache felt by families across this state would be significantly higher.”

According to the OTS, preliminary counts show 84 unbelted motorists died on Minnesota roads in 2023, compared with 87 in 2022 and 110 in 2021.

In 1987, there were 4,176 vehicle occupants who suffered severe injuries in traffic crashes. That number was 1,285 last year.