Targeted training to suit today’s driver

We know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to driver training and that’s why we offer an extensive selection of eLearning products, with the modern learner in mind. From “bite-sized” training modules delivered via our Mentor app that can be taken anytime, anywhere, to a 2-hour course focused on refreshing defensive driving skills, we have it all.

Mentor Micro-Training

Drivers using the Mentor app are automatically assigned 3-5 minute micro-training modules to their own personalized playlist in the Mentor app. These interactive “live video” training modules are contextual, relevant and highly-engaging to help drivers practice making decisions in real-life scenarios. Modules consist of both core training – prescribed to ALL Mentor users to provide solid foundation and/ or refresher training – and targeted training – assigned to individual drivers to address identified risk patterns or weaknesses.


RiskCOACH® Training Library

Currently comprising dozens of subject-specific online training modules of 3-15 minutes delivered directly to the driver’s smartphone, tablet or computer. Each module includes Q&A and best practice feedback available in 14 languages – English; Spanish (LATAM, Spain); Portuguese (Brazil); Russian; Polish; Dutch; Japanese; Italian; French (France, Canada); German; Mandarin.



  • RiskCOACH Courses Include
    • Act Now
    • Attitude
    • Blind Spots
    • Cold Plate
    • Concentration
    • Controlling Emotions
    • Decision Making
    • Driving While Distracted
    • DUI/DWI
    • Eco-Driving
    • Ergonomics
    • Fatigue
    • Hazard Recognition
    • Lift Gate
    • Lights & Tires
    • Low Speed Maneuvering & Backing
    • Parking Pitfalls
    • Rear-End Collisions
    • Risky Weather
    • Speeding
    • Spouse/Domestic Partner
    • Two Wheelers & Sharing the Road
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • And More…

One More Second

Defensive Driver Training Reinvented


Engaging Content

One More Second’s 3-hour, interactive format appeals to all learning styles using a variety of engaging multimedia to maintain drivers’ attention:

  • Defensive driver training re-invented with multiple engaging content types, including full motion interactive video and driving journeys
  • Ideal for new hire orientation, refresher training, high-risk targeted training
  • Knowledge checks to reinforce learning
  • Emphasis on attitudes and behaviors, the root cause of over 90% of driving collisions
  • Proprietary framework/system for modeling driving
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