Privacy & Security: Earned Trust

Data security and privacy protection are among the most important considerations for every business today, but especially ours given the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we are trusted with securing,” said Ed Dubens, Founder/CEO of eDriving. “Client privacy and data protection have always been central to the eDriving operating culture, and our ISO 27001 independently audited certification is testament to our commitment to securing client employee information.” 

“With any form of telematics, there are common privacy concerns about ‘surveillance’, ‘tracking’, and the sharing of information,” said Stef Campbell, eDriving’s Director, GDPR/Privacy and Compliance. “However, the purpose of an effective driver safety program is not to monitor employees or introduce negative consequences; it is to help organizations align with the global vision of zero fatalities and zero serious injuries on the road, and it is there for the benefit of employees, their families and the communities in which they live and work.”

Supporting a Driver’s Privacy while Driving for Work Purposes

eDriving’s mission is to partner with organizations globally to protect people who drive for work purposes in corporate and personally owned vehicles.  To fulfill our mission, some access to personal information is required, where appropriate and permitted by law, and only as needed and approved by the client – the Data Controller/Owner of the Safety Program.

Mentor Business App Drivers

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Organization name

Mentor TSP and DDP App Drivers

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Station assignment (DSP)

Virtual Risk Manager (VRM)

  • Employee or Driver first name, last name and email address
  • Vehicle and Organizational data provided by an employee or driver’s organization.
  • Collisions or incidents involving a company or private allowance or pool vehicle while being driven for work purposes (following execution of a Privacy Notice by the driver Employee).
  • Driver’s License information including convictions or citations received from a Drivers Country/State/Jurisdiction Department of Motor Vehicles (note: available in US, Canada and UK only – following execution of a License Check Consent by the employee or driver).
  • FICO® Safe Driving Score gathered from Mentor by eDrivingSM (following execution of a Mentor Privacy Notice by the driver)

Let’s clarify some key protections built into EVERY eDriving Driver safety program worldwide.

Q: Does eDriving gather or collect any information about a Driver without their consent?

A: No. eDriving ONLY collects or gathers information on a Driver once they give permission as an employee of a client company.  eDriving clients are the Data Controllers/Owners of the eDriving Program. The eDriving privacy notices that every driver acknowledges, make clear what data is collected, how it is used, where it is stored and secured, and who has access to it.

Q: What Personal Information does eDriving disclose and to whom?

A: None without permission. Under no circumstances will any information gathered from client employees as part of their Driver Safety Program be SHARED or SOLD to any third-party including Insurance Companies and Brokers, Credit Rating Agencies, Federal or State Authorities or Courts or other vendors/partners without the written permission of the client (Data Controller/Owner of the Safety Program) AND the Employee/Driver associated with it.

Q: Is eDriving monitoring and reporting on driver location as part of the driver safety program mission objectives?

A: No. eDriving does not monitor driver location – period. Clients looking for a driver/vehicle monitoring or tracking solution are invited to engage with other vendors specifically set up to provide that service – eDriving does not. Your organization cannot access your individual trip or location data through the Management Information portal – they only have access to a ‘dashboard’ showing the 7-day rolling FICO® Safe Driving Score and total number of events associated with each behavior – acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and distraction.

Q: Does Mentor access personal contents on a Driver’s smartphone?

A: No. Mentor does not access any user contents, such as camera, pictures, contacts, documents, etc. without specific permission. It only accesses raw sensor data, such as GPS and accelerometer during a trip to support the creation of the FICO® Safe Driving Score. If your organization uses Driver Event Reporting or vehicle inspections, Mentor will ask for specific permission to access the camera to allow you to upload a photo.

What Mentor by eDriving is NOT:

  • A surveillance tool – location data is only visible to drivers for training purposes.
  • A “one-size” fits all product – Workers Council/Union/Privacy requirements are incorporated into each client’s solution and country of operation.
  • A telematics tracking tool – no individual trips details are shared.
  • Opinion driven or subjective – FICO Safe Driving Score is a validated global standard.
  • A cell/mobile phone blocker – we do not read, record or monitor phone calls, text messages or emails. Mentor detects if the cell/mobile phone is used for any activity which will then count as a distraction event.

Webinar: Cracking the Code on Privacy Concerns in Driver Risk Management

As eDriving clients have implemented our digital driver risk management program, Mentor by eDriving, in locations around the world, we’ve identified the most prevalent concerns across countries and regions, and how to best help organizations address such concerns.

In this webinar, Stef Campbell, eDriving’s Director, GDPR/Privacy and Compliance, and Jim Noble, Senior Vice President, Risk Engineering, discuss some commonly expressed privacy concerns, including data protection compliance, the way in which Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored and shared, data control, ownership & access, privacy rights of the driver, and the sharing of location/GPS information.

Watch this webinar to discover:  

  • The most prevalent corporate privacy challenges
  • How a driver risk management program helps to address duty of care and global “Vision Zero” objectives
  • Country-specific data protection legislation (including GDPR/CCPA/PIPEDA/LGPD)
  • The benefits of addressing privacy concerns early in the planning stage
  • How eDriving can help with approval, onboarding and implementation

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