Driver Risk Monitoring

The Cost of Inaction

  • 7% of North American drivers have a suspended license*
  • Nearly 40% of these were suspended for non-driving offenses (e.g., failure to pay childcare support, parking tickets, etc.)
  • 1 in 5 fatal crashes involves a driver with an invalid license**
  • The average cost of a crash with single fatality is $751K**

Identifying Potential Driver Risk – The Gold Standard

eDriving’s Driver Risk Monitoring (DRM) service has been designed to provide continuous license monitoring for uninterrupted coverage for your drivers – the gold standard when it comes to license checking.  While periodic motor vehicle record (MVR) checks provide coverage for a single day, eDriving’s DRM service provides coverage for 365 days!

ONGOING, CONTINUOUS monitoring of MVRs includes:

  • Baseline license check / MVR with:
    • Access to license status, restrictions, suspensions, revocations and expirations
    • Assignment of risk rating (Low, Med, High)
    • Results often available within < 5 minutes
    • End-to-end management of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance including:
      • Distribution of all federally-mandated notices and communications related to driving records;
      • Securing drivers’ consent via digital or printed form, depending on state requirements;
  • Continuous monitoring of driving record for new activity
  • Timely notification (timing varies by state) of change in status or activity is identified
  • Automatic, subsequent MVR check to obtain details following identified activities



Reduced risk and liability – Continuously protect yourself from liability resulting from drivers making deliveries using suspended, restricted, revoked or expired licenses.

Reduced risk management cost – 80% of risk derives from 20% of drivers; Use eDriving’s comprehensive driving data to identify and focus coverage on your riskiest drivers.

Reduced insurance cost – MVR monitoring is a requirement to receive best-in-class rates from insurance providers.

FCRA compliance made simple – eDriving’s experts will manage the various communications, filings, and actions required as part of FCRA compliance.

Integrated Solution – eDriving’s DriverINDEX combines MVR ratings with Mentor driver performance data for a comprehensive view of driver risk.

Trusted Partner – Rely on eDriving, a provider you trust, to integrate and support ALL your risk management services.  We’ve got your back!


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*AAMVA. Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement Practices.

**NETS. Costs of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers 2019.


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