Announcing Mentor Insight: NEW Non-Telematics Driver Risk Management App

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Announcing Crash-Free Culture® for Powered Industrial Vehicles! Reduce warehouse crashes & damage.

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eDriving Joins Solera Holdings , Solidifying Leadership Position in Global Solutions for Vehicle and Driver Performance

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Mentor by eDriving protects

It is NOT a tracking or surveillance device.

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Mentor by eDriving is
PROVEN to reduce risk.

32% decrease over 6 months & 38% over 15 months for high-risk drivers.

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We are award-winning global digital driver risk management gurus.


We help sales, service and delivery drivers in 125 countries get home safely every day.

eDrivingSM helps organizations to reduce collisions, injuries, license violations and total cost of fleet ownership through a patented driver risk management program.

Mentor by eDrivingSM is a smartphone-based solution that collects and analyzes driver behaviors most predictive of crash risk and helps remediate risky behavior by providing engaging, interactive micro-training modules delivered directly to the driver in the smartphone app.  As part of our broader risk management platform, Virtual Risk Manager®, eDriving provides organizations with everything they need to establish safety as a strategic imperative, and support drivers and managers as they strive to create a crash-free culture®. Explore eDriving’s unique approach to protecting Drivers’ Privacy while driving for work.

From 2018-20, 240,000 drivers have driven in excess of 1.7 Billion miles and viewed 2.7M micro-training modules, and the results speak for themselves – 32% and 38% risk reduction among high-risk drivers over 6 and 15 months, respectively. Learn more.

eDriving is the digital driver risk management partner of choice for many of the world’s largest organizations, supporting over 1,200,000 drivers in 125 countries. Over the past 25 years, eDriving’s research-validated programs have been recognized with over 100 awards around the world.

Who is eDriving?

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We’ve been at this for a while.

You could say we’re experts at global driver risk management.

25+ years experience

1.2M+ fleet drivers

125 countries

45 languages

100+ client awards

The global digital driver risk management choice of industry leaders worldwide. Why not you?