Case Study

Ecolab Australia and New Zealand


eDriving is delighted to share this Ecolab case study published by the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) in Australia in association with Monash University Accident Research Center. See full case study here.


When Ecolab wanted to take the next step on its road safety journey and move from being proactive to predicting and therefore preventing crashes, the company implemented a powerful combination of technology, real-world data and direct driver coaching. The results were immediate and sustained.

Key Outcomes

  • Combining technology, real-world data and direct driver coaching is a powerful combination in improving driving behavior and much more effective than relying on technology-based solutions in isolation
  • Driver coaching program is more effective when the driver and manager together identify and focus on improving one priority behavior at a time
  • While all drivers receive training, focusing direct coaching on the riskiest drivers has a greater impact on driver behavior than routinely coaching all drivers
  • Training responsible managers using real data from their own team that shows actual driver behavior increases program engagement and pace of implementation
  • Providing drivers with information on their risky driving behaviors can lead to driver self-improvement, helping drivers learn and improve
  • Extending safe driving messaging beyond work hours and reinforcing its importance in drivers’ personal lives can help ingrain safe driving behaviors and a safe driving culture
  • Executive leadership support is critical to the success of any safety measure.
View full case study here