Mentor Rewards

Motivating positive, lasting changes in driving behaviors

Mentor Rewards is an optional incentive program designed to reinforce the key defensive driving behaviors that will keep employees safe while driving for work purposes. Drivers can redeem rewards toward Amazon gift cards for a wide variety of merchandise. Mentor Rewards can also be customized and integrated into existing corporate incentive programs with ease.



Changing behaviors is hard work, but Mentor can help drivers make key changes in driving habits, one trip at a time. Mentor Rewards:

  • Motivates positive, lasting changes by rewarding safe driving behaviors;
  • Acknowledges and celebrates safe driving with badges after defined Mentor milestones are met;
  • Engages drivers and keeps focus on continuous improvement;
  • Promotes individual continuous improvement as part of an enterprise-wide, crash-free culture program;
  • Encourages friendly competition within Circles for most decorated driver status;
  • Includes short-term rewards, as well as long-term incentives;
  • Complements existing corporate incentive programs;
  • Can be customized to meet organizations’ unique needs.

Mentor Rewards helps drivers remain collision-, license violation- and injury-free by encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding safety-critical defensive driving behaviors.

How It Works

Rewards are earned by meeting various milestones and criteria. Badges carry different point values and can be earned over various time periods. Some can be earned in a matter of days, while others will require focused effort over weeks or even month(s). Some include one-time-only recognition, while others can be consistently earned on a weekly or monthly basis. Designed to recognize safe driving behavior proven to reduce collisions, milestone criteria have been designed to be challenging, yet achievable while encouraging engagement.
Here are a few of the ways drivers can earn points towards rewards in Mentor:

  • FICO® Safe Driving Score > 750
  • Circles Messaging Participation
  • eLearning Completions
  • Safe Driving Behavior Improvement
  • Eco-Driving
  • And More!

Crash-Free Culture® Challenge

The Mentor Rewards program also includes an optional, turnkey annual Crash-free Culture Challenge that organizations can adopt to further incentivize and encourage their drivers to engage in the broader safety mission. Drivers meeting the specified criteria each month will receive entries into the end-of-year drawings for multiple grand prizes. Employees can receive up to 240 entries per year for meeting the following criteria on a monthly basis while driving for work purposes:

  • Zero Incidents (1 entry)
  • Zero Collisions (1 entry)
  • Zero Injuries (1 entry)
  • Zero License Violations (1 entry)
  • Green EcoDrive (1 entry)
  • FICO® Safe Driving Score > 750 (5 entries)
  • eDriving Vision Zero (10 “bonus” entries for meeting ALL of the above criteria in a given month)

At the end of the year, eligible drivers will be entered into their company’s annual drawing, as well as eDriving’s 5 regional competitions in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America. One driver will also be recognized as eDriving’s Crash-Free Culture Challenge Worldwide Champion each year!

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