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Coach your drivers to safer driving

Boost driver productivity and maximize appointment times

Your telecom & electronics representatives are committed to getting to their appointments ON TIME. But occasionally, their zealousness, energy, and enthusiasm for their mission lead to risky behavior behind the wheel, such as reviewing their schedules while driving or speeding to stops to stay on schedule.

Let Mentor by eDriving coach your delivery employees to safer driving! Mentor will act as their personal driving coach, recording progress and encouraging improvement in those behaviors proven to be most predictive of collisions – Harsh Acceleration, Hard Braking, Harsh Cornering, Distraction, and Speeding. Mentor’s in-app micro-training will provide reinforcement with both foundational and targeted training designed to address weaker areas.


Client Spotlight

BT halves collision rate and cuts costs by £10+ million per annum

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The eDriving Approach

  • Comprehensive driver risk management program helping organizations worldwide reduce collisions, injuries, license violations, as well as total cost of fleet ownership.
  • Patented, continuous improvement methodology for driver risk reduction with the latest smartphone technology, proven behavioral change techniques, microlearning and gamification.
  • Unified data analytics engine combining collision, incident, license check, and telematics behavior data into one performance management system that gives visibility regarding most at-risk drivers and coaching tools to reduce risk and monitor driving behavior improvements over time.
  • Reporting and benchmarking to measure, analyze, compare, and improve driver performance.
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