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With a direct link to crash occurrence and crash severity, Speeding is one of the “Triple Threats” to driver safety, along with Distraction and Fatigue. eDriving is proud to offer the resources below to complement the efforts of the UN Global Road Safety Week campaign targeting Speeding (May 17-23), and as part of our campaign to tackle “The Triple Threat”. SLOW DOWN to check out our free eLearning module, webinar, infographic, eBook, guides and more!

Free Speeding RiskCOACH eLearning Module

Speeding is one of the most aggressive and most frequently encountered behaviors behind the wheel.  It contributes to about 30% of road deaths in high-income countries and about 50% of road crashes in some low- and middle-income countries (WHO). And, contrary to popular belief, speeding does not actually save you much time in your overall trip duration; however, it does put your life and the lives of others at risk. Also, did you know that speed limits are NOT the target speed for the road, but rather, the acceptable speed for ideal road and weather conditions?

In this module, you’ll hear from several individuals who drive for work purposes as they uncover these and other facts about speeding. You’ll learn:

  • How speed contributes to collision risk
  • That sometimes, it’s better to drive below the posted speed limit
  • What costs are associated with speeding
  • Solutions to help avoid the “need” to speed”

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Upcoming Webinar: Speeding and High-Risk Behaviors – Steering Drivers to Safer Actions

Research shows that aggressive drivers tend to be involved in more traffic collisions. And, above a certain minimum level of on-road competence, research shows that it’s a driver’s attitudes that make them much more likely to crash. It’s clear, therefore, that guiding high-risk drivers to safer on-road behaviors is crucial to achieve safer roads for all.

This webinar, timed to coincide with the speed-themed UN Global Road Safety Week (17-23 May), and presented in conjunction with the Global Road Safety Partnership, will examine the effects of speeding, one of the most dangerous on-road behaviors. It will look at the relationship between minor increases in speed and collision outcome, and explain why speeding doesn’t always mean breaking the speed limit, or driving to the extremes. Additionally, it will consider other high-risk behaviors; in particular, the “triple threat” of speeding, distraction and fatigue.

The session will also provide best practice guidance for managing speed, and other high-risk behaviors, among those who drive for work purposes, and explain how applying the “80/20” rule to driver risk helps organizations identify, train and coach their most at-risk drivers to safer behaviors.


Dave Cliff
Global Road Safety Partnership

Jim Noble
Senior VP of Risk Engineering

Nick List
Customer Success Director, Europe

Denise Murroni
Customer Success/Risk Engineering Manager

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