The AAA has announced its winners for the 2024 Car Guide.

This year, all category winners were either electric, plug-in electric hybrids or hybrids. Additionally, the SUV category was divided into small, midsize, and large due to popularity among car buyers.

The 2023 EV Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV earned the top score overall, best large SUV, and best car over $60k.

Other winners included:

Category            Vehicle

Overall                2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV (electric)

Small Car          2023 Volvo S60 Recharge Ultimate Black Edition (plug-in hybrid)

Midsize Car       2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE 350 4MATIC Sedan (electric)

Large Car           2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 (electric)

Pickup Truck     2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat (electric)

Small SUV         2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Limited (electric)

Midsize SUV      2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 Prestige (electric)

Large SUV          2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV (electric)

Best Under $40K            2023 Honda CR-V Sport Touring (hybrid)

Best Between $40K – $60K        2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Limited (electric)

Over $60K         2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV (electric)

“Our research is tailored to guide consumers in making informed decisions when purchasing a new vehicle,” said Megan McKernan, the Automotive Research Center manager at AAA.

“The 2024 AAA Car Guide is here to help consumers navigate this evolving automotive marketplace by ranking and rating the newest vehicles.”

The AAA Car Guide includes comprehensive reviews of each vehicle based on 13 criteria, including the number of ADAS safety features, fuel efficiency, emissions, braking, handling, ride quality, and acceleration. The vehicles are tested, scored, and placed in one of seven vehicle type categories by the Automotive Research Center (ARC) of the Automobile Club of Southern California.