Drivers in England are being urged to carry out a five-point check on their vehicles if they are using them for the first time in several weeks following the easing of lockdown rules.

With the UK Government lifting restrictions and encouraging those who can’t work from home to return to work, Highways England says drivers should check tyres, engine oil, water, lights and fuel levels before setting out on any journeys.

“We should only be leaving home for the reasons the Government has set out – and we want those journeys to be safe ones,” said Richard Leonard, Highways England Head of Road Safety.

“As our teams have been able to continue working, while following social distancing guidelines, the layout of some roads have slightly changed,” he added.

“Everything will not be the same as the last time you were on the road, so please ensure you and your vehicle are prepared.”

So far during the lockdown, Highways England has seen a drop in traffic flow of up to around 85 per cent at weekends.

Here is Highways England’s advice for drivers:

Check tyres

Prior to setting off on a long/significant journey, check your tyre pressures are suitable for the load and the condition of your tyres, including the spare. Look out for cuts or wear and make sure the tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, which is the legal limit.

Check engine oil

Use your dipstick to check oil regularly and before any long journey, and top up if needed. Take your car back to the garage if you’re topping up more than usual.

Check water

To ensure you have good visibility, always keep your screen wash topped up so you can clear debris or dirt off your windscreen.

Check lights

If your indicators, hazard lights, headlights, fog lights, reverse lights or brake lights are not functioning properly, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. In addition, light malfunctions can be a reason for your vehicle to fail its MoT.

Check fuel

Before setting out, check your fuel levels and make sure you have enough to get to your destination.

More tips, including ‘how to videos’, are available online.