Four organizations have teamed up to adopt standardized naming for advanced driver assistance technology in an effort to reduce confusion.

AAA, Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and the National Safety Council are calling on all safety organizations, automakers and journalists covering the automotive industry to join them in adopting the terms.

Automotive technology is evolving quickly with 93 percent of new vehicles offering at least one advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) feature. Earlier this year, AAA research found that consumers are faced with as many as 20 names for a single ADAS feature, varying by vehicle manufacturer.

Now the four organizations have agreed on standardized naming designed to be simple, specific and based on system functionality.

Currently five categories have been created to group technology by type. The naming list will be continually refined as the organizations work with stakeholders and policymakers and as new systems come to market. Details on the full list is available online.