Motorists in Colorado heading into the backcountry are being asked to park considerably to avoid getting in the way of maintenance workers clearing roads of snow and ice.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is warning drivers that they risk being fined and having their vehicle towed away by law enforcement if they leave it unattended on the side of the road.

Vehicle owners are also urged to take heed of “no parking” signs and only leave their cars in clearly marked, designated parking areas.

CDOT says that while areas along the highway may appear to provide ample room to park, vehicle owners run the risk of being trapped with large snow piles pushed by plows.

“Vehicles left on the side of the road also make plowing operations difficult for road maintenance crews,” added CDOT in a statement.

Drivers are also advised when parking to look for caution signs at avalanche areas that indicate no stopping or standing at the location, as these areas are prone to snow slides.