The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Colorado State Patrol (CSP) and local law enforcement agencies will work together in 2021 with 16 high-visibility DUI enforcement campaigns.

The first initiative, Winter Blitz, runs until January 25, with 92 agencies helping to boost DUI patrols. Last year, 588 arrests were made during the same enforcement period.

“Each year thousands of Coloradoans experience the long-term shock waves from a DUI including driver’s license revocation, employment impacts, higher insurance rates, not to mention potential jail time,” said Chief Matthew Packard, Colorado State Patrol.

“The good news is that DUIs are entirely preventable. Our 2021 enforcement efforts will continue to include sobriety checkpoints, increased officers on duty, and concentrated patrols in high-risk areas to catch those that fail to think about the short and long-term impacts of driving while impaired.”

During the 16 heightened enforcement periods in 2020, 6,157 DUI arrests were made in Colorado. There were 203 people killed in the State by suspected impaired drivers in 2020, up from 176 in 2019.