At any time, communication with those who drive for work is crucial; and that mustn’t stop during a crisis such as the one we’re facing now, with the global outbreak of COVID-19. During this difficult period, maintaining effective communication is essential so you can share accurate information, reassure employees, specify the measures you’re taking as an organization and detail the steps at work-drivers – as well as other employees – can take to keep themselves and others safe.

Ten tips for effective communication with fleet drivers

  1. Re-distribute driver safety policies, with the addition of specific COVID-19 Driver Safety Tips
  2. Make sure drivers know what is expected of them both inside and outside of work to help reduce the spread of the virus (i.e. social distancing, frequent hand-washing etc.)
  3. Increase the frequency of your communications to at-work drivers (this might consist of a combination of emails, flyers, posters, text messages and company newsletters) to reiterate safety messages
  4. Ensure leadership is providing updates and messaging to the whole organization
  5. Set up a system through which at-work drivers can connect easily and frequently with managers (i.e. online chat/conference calls/ZOOM/Skype etc.)
  6. Provide at-work drivers with accurate facts by sharing official information from CDC/WHO/State/Local Health Departments
  7. Let at-work drivers know what steps you are taking as an organization on behalf of your employees, including following this Workplace Safety Guidance
  8. Establish a platform that can be used by all employees for informal communication; encourage the sharing of experiences and tips to help each other navigate safely through this time
  9. Let drivers know how much their commitment is appreciated at this time
  10. Don’t forget the families of at-work drivers; many will have children/partners at home and many more responsibilities than usual to juggle. Making reference to family members, and sharing tips you might come across for helping families at this time, is likely to be welcomed.