With many of those who drive for work currently being relied upon to continue delivering essential goods and services amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the pressures on at-work drivers have never been so intense. Maintaining a positive workplace culture that reassures those who drive for work that their safety comes before anything else, can significantly help to maintain safe behaviors on the road at this time.

Ten tips to help maintain fleet driver morale:

  1. Share official news and guidance (i.e. from CDC in the U.S. or Department of Health in the UK) by text/email/company newsletters so drivers are not misinformed by friends or colleagues
  2. Remind drivers that their safety, and that of all employees, comes first; and that if anyone develops the symptoms associated with COVID-19 they must stay at home in line with official recommendations
  3. Keep drivers informed of what you are doing as a company (including hygiene measures, social distancing etc.) to help prevent the spread of the virus
  4. Share this Workplace Safety Guidance to help all employees understand the correct hygiene/ sanitation steps they can take
  5. Share Driver Safety Tips so they know how to stay safe on the road and in their vehicles at this time
  6. Make sure drivers have everything they need to keep themselves safe while driving, including disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues
  7. Ensure that leaders and managers continue checking in with their teams regularly; make use of tools such as video calling, virtual meetings etc.
  8. Recognize and reward drivers for continuing to prioritize safety during this time
  9. Make it clear you are available (even if only virtually) to discuss any concerns your fleet drivers may have
  10. Share tips on employee wellbeing (including staying healthy both mentally and physically) and encourage employees to do the same: feeling part of a strong, positive team can make a huge difference to morale