With very low temperatures and snow forecasted, drivers in northern British Columbia (BC) are being urged to help keep the roads safe by adjusting their driving and ensuring their vehicle is ready for the road conditions.

Police data shows each year in the north central region, the number of crashes due to driving too fast for the conditions more than double​s in January compared to October as the weather worsens.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has issued the following top five tips for drivers:

  • Get your vehicle ready. Make sure your tires are rated for the conditions you’ll be driving in this winter and check your tire pressure regularly as it drops in cold weather.
  • Clear off any snow that’s built up on your vehicle before driving including headlights, wheel wells and external sensors if you have a collision warning system.​
  • Consider using your headlights and taillights whenever weather is poor and visibility is reduced – not only at night – to help you see ahead and be seen by other drivers.
  • The key to winter driving is to be slow and steady – avoid unexpected sudden movements that could cause you to skid.
  • In bad weather, use extreme caution around snow plows. Maintain a safe following distance and don’t pass them.