Drivers are urged to take extra caution and learn more about what they can do to protect first responders during the second national Traffic Incident Response Week (13-19 November).

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Transport’s Federal Highway Administration and its partners, the week will be used by responders, community leaders and response organizations to help prepare drivers and local public safety professionals to take safe actions to prevent responder, driver and passenger deaths.

Police, fire and rescue, safety service patrols, emergency medical professionals and transportation crews will talk to communities about the dangers that are killing drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and those who rush to their help.

Drivers are urged to: “Drive safely, know local and state laws, and respect the lives of responders who safeguard you when in a crash.”

In particular, drivers are encouraged to be aware of the following laws:

Slow Down Move Over
Driver Removal (Move It)

More information on Traffic Incident Response Week is available on the Traffic Incident Management website.