A new ad campaign has used an unusual approach to spark conversation about motorcycle safety.

The Western Australian Road Safety Commission has released three videos of real footage taken using hidden cameras in a motorcycle shop showing motorcyclists’ reactions to fake safety products. The safety products include adult training wheels, a motorcycle airbag and a carbon fibre suit.

Created by The Brand Agency, Perth, the campaign aims to highlight that motorcycle safety should be simple.

“The reactions from motorcyclists to our insane safety inventions were absolute gold,” said Marcus Tesoriero, Executive Creative Director, The Brand Agency. It really caught their attention and began a conversation about our clear, safety message. You don’t need any of the crazy stuff, you just need to wear MotoCAP approved gear, look for bikes with ABS and ride to the conditions.”

The videos can be viewed on the Western Australian Road Safety Commission’s YouTube channel. View one of the videos, Training Wheels, below.