A long-standing and successful online tool designed to help organisations improve work-related road safety has been updated and revised to further benefit managers and drivers.

Fleet Safety Benchmarking has been developed by eDriving, together with partners including ORSA, RoSPA, TRL and Fleet Forum and funded by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Benchmarking is a highly effective way of improving work-related road safety, identifying good practices and generating cost saving opportunities. It also supports compliance with legal requirements and standards such as ISO39001.

Gap analysis and benchmarking can help fleet managers to:

  • Improve management of driving for work
  • Comply with regulations and standards
  • Help reduce insurance, collision, fuel, maintenance, risk and total cost of mobility
  • Better understand road safety risks and areas of opportunity
  • Demonstrate how an organisation compares with others
  • Confirm the strength and validity of existing programs

The resource is free and has been revised to include a detailed 30 question gap analysis and collision outcomes KPIs.

Visit the Fleet Safety Benchmarking website to use the tool and receive immediate feedback.