Latin NCAP has unveiled its first round of results for 2017, with five star results for the Volkswagen Golf VII and the Seat Ateca, in both adult and child occupant protection.

The vehicles were the first to achieve five stars under the stricter protocols introduced in 2016. Both cars went a step further, gaining Latin NCAP Advanced Awards, which recognise five star models that include crash avoidance and pedestrian protection technologies, the first time these awards have been given out.

A Mexican version of the Volkswagen Golf VII, had previously been assessed under the old protocols in 2014, where it also achieved five stars in adult and child protection. In this test a Brazilian version was used, and despite more testing requirements, with a pole impact test and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) check, the vehicle still achieved the top score. The Volkswagen Golf was awarded with a Latin NCAP Advanced Award for the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system which is optional in the Golf range.

The Seat Ateca, which was recently launched in Europe and in Mexico, not only achieved the top five star rating for adult and child occupants protection, but also received two Latin NCAP Advanced Awards, one for pedestrian protection and another for the optional availability of AEB. As standard for Latin America, all Atecas offer seven airbags, ESC and pedestrian protection.

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP said: “It is a great achievement for Volkswagen Group, who make both the Volkswagen and Seat, to be the first to reach the top safety score under our new protocols. Now that they have shown it is possible, we encourage and challenge other manufacturers in the region to improve their cars and offer five-star protection.

“We are particularly pleased that both manufacturers have gone beyond the five stars with the advanced awards. These awards were designed for top scoring manufacturers to push for even more safety, and Volkswagen and Seat have certainly achieved that.”