The BVRLA has launched the 2021 version of its annual Road to Zero Report Card providing a traffic-light assessment of the decarbonisation trajectories of the UK’s car, van, and truck fleets.

The Road to Zero Report Card measures progress against the vital criteria of battery electric vehicle (BEV) supply, demand, and infrastructure.

Boosted by new models and significant growth in the charging network, fleet cars received an “amber – accelerating” rating in the report for BEV infrastructure and supply and “green – cruising” score for demand.

But for the van fleet sector the BEV infrastructure, supply, and demand received an “amber – brakes-on” assessment. The rating reflecting growing concerns about a shortage of suitable electric vans for many key use cases.

The report’s biggest concerns were raised with the HGV market which received a blanket “red – parked” rating. The report said there was precious little momentum in this fleet segment, with no phase-out delivery plan, no technology roadmap, no mainstream vehicles, and no charging infrastructure.

“Every fleet is on the ‘road to zero’, but the task ahead is easier for some than others,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.