Funding of $1.4m is being handed out to 16 schools and transportation companies in Minnesota to help keep students safe as they go to and from school.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has announced the grants, which will pay to install bus stop arm cameras, to help change dangerous driving behaviors and protect students.

The grant project combines enforcement, education and awareness efforts so drivers obey the law and stop for buses with flashing lights and stop arms extended. The cameras will help schools and law enforcement find the violators and hold them accountable.

“It’s such a helpless, terrifying moment for both the child and the bus driver when a vehicle nearly strikes a student,” said OTS Director, Mike Hanson. “If you can’t pay attention and follow the law near a school bus, these cameras will help law enforcement find you so you don’t keep putting kids at risk and cause a senseless tragedy.”

The project is a partnership with law enforcement agencies including the Minnesota State Patrol, police departments and sheriff’s offices statewide. Grant applicants provided support letters from local law enforcement agencies, an outreach plan and demonstrated need by sharing violation numbers from the last two years.