Drivers in Colorado are being urged to watch out for mowing operations taking place along highways across the region.

Maintenance crews will be performing the perennial task for the remainder of the summer and into the coming fall months, with large mowing equipment being used to manage and cut high grass and other plants that grow along the sides of the roads.

“For drivers’ safety and for our workers’ safety, we ask travelers pay attention, lower their speed and be patient as they approach crews and moving equipment,” said Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Maintenance Foreman, Phillip Bergt.

“If the operations are encountered on a two lane road, never pass unless it is safe and legal within a passing zone with no oncoming traffic.”

Mowing equipment moves at a slower rate than the speed limit. Warning signs are being posted at both ends of the operations to caution motorists to slow down.

The CDOT says cutting high grass and other vegetation is important to keep the highways safe by ensuring clear sight distances for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and even animals.