A new campaign has been launched in Ireland reminding drivers of the rules of the road on the motorway.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA), Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and An Garda Síochána have teamed up for the initiative and are reminding motorists to always drive in the left lane for normal driving on a motorway and to familiarise themselves on the rules for joining and leaving a motorway.

It is an offence to stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway unless it’s an emergency like a breakdown. If this occurs, drivers should call for help using their mobile phone or one of the emergency roadside phones, and wait at a safe place, behind the crash barrier.

If a driver finds themselves driving against the flow of traffic, pull in immediately to the hard shoulder and stop. Contact the Gardaí by dialling 999 or 112. Do not attempt to turn the vehicle. Wait for help in a safe place.

“A key part of the government’s Vision Zero road safety strategy is safe road use,” said Sam Waide, CEO, Road Safety Authority.

“This includes educating drivers on how to use motorways safely and the danger of using them incorrectly. The higher speeds on motorways mean that things can happen very quickly – a moment’s lapse of concentration could have severe consequences. If you are someone who does not drive on a motorway regularly or if you only recently passed your driving test, you should consider taking a practice lesson on motorway driving with an RSA registered Approved Driving Instructor.”

Motorists undertaking long motorway journeys are also reminded to have rest periods at the motorway service stations.