Nestlé has made the culture of safety a strategic choice, by constantly investing in a careful training policy for its people.

This case study has been developed to provide an overview of how Nestlé Italy tackles road safety, including details of the training provided to workers who require company vehicles, practical activities undertaken by workers and utilization of Virtual Risk Manager, a long-term safe driving program to create a culture of road safety.

Also included within the case study are details of vehicle features required by the company for all company vehicles as well as information on trip management and the company’s consideration of other options, such as teleconferencing or alternative methods of transport.

The case study highlights that, thanks to Nestlé Italy’s road safety program, worker injuries sustained in vehicle collisions over the last four years have moved towards zero.

Nestle Italy case study road safety program reduced injuries

To continue implementing the culture of road safety, Nestlé has also involved managers and team leaders, who must monitor the behavior of their resources, in compliance with procedures.

The company’s ongoing attention to road safety is a broader expression of Nestlé’s commitment to Creating Shared Value, which means creating long-term value not only for the company, but also for the communities in which it works, starting with its employees.

Download: Nestle Italy Case Study