Ford has developed new technology to alert drivers to traffic incident locations.

The “RoadSafe” concept uses data from sources including connected vehicles, roadside sensors and collision reports to pinpoint where there is a higher chance of traffic incidents occurring.

This information can then be displayed on a map that identifies the level of risk and could also be used to warn drivers of hotspots.

“There are areas in every city where the chance of an incident is higher, whether it’s due to a poorly placed sign, an unrepaired pothole or junctions built to accommodate far less traffic than we have today,” said Jon Scott, City Insights project lead, Ford Mobility Europe.

“Ford can pinpoint the areas of concern, so drivers could be made more aware of them and authorities can address them.”

The “RoadSafe” digital tool follows four years of research by Ford, including most recently a 20-month government-funded project conducted together with Oxfordshire County Council, Loughborough University and AI sensor specialists Vivacity Labs, with support from Transport for London and backing from Innovate UK.

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