Innovative new technologies are being trialled in Victoria, Australia, in a bid to reduce death and injuries on regional roads.

LED tactile pavings are being installed at some pedestrian crossings and trials of glow-in-the-dark line marking and signage, and high reflectivity paint is also being rolled out at locations across the state.

“We’re investing in better and safer infrastructure which includes looking at new and innovative ways to create a safer road environment for motorists and for overrepresented groups including pedestrians,” said Victorian Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll.

The in-ground LED tactile paving being installed at pedestrian intersections in Bendigo and Trafalgar, changes colour to match the red/green phases of the pedestrian signals to provide a clearer signal for pedestrians, including those looking down at the road or on their phone, when it’s safe to cross the road.

Glow-in-the-dark line markings, which look and function like ordinary line markings in daylight but emit stored light, enhancing visibility to road users when dark, are being trialled on roads in the east, southwest and north of the state.

High reflectivity paint, which stays brighter for longer and is more durable, is also being trialled on roads in Gippsland and the south west of the state to test its long-term effectiveness.