The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Safe Cars Save Lives bus tour is kicking-off in select cities from August 9-13 to spread the word about vehicle and passenger safety. A team of experts will be deployed to each stop to teach motorists about recalls, tires, car seats and heatstroke.

“Summer road trip season is in full swing and we want car owners to stay safe on their travels and in their daily lives,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “We’re hitting the pavement and rolling up our sleeves to bring free safety checks to consumers because we believe that Safe Cars Save Lives.”

The ‘Safe Cars Save Lives’ bus will travel from Florida to Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. At each stop, safety experts will be on the ground running free safety checks for vehicle recalls, tire inflation, car seat installation and heatstroke prevention. These community events are open to the public and co-sponsored by NHTSA, Safe Kids Worldwide, AAA and the Rubber Manufacturers Association, among others.

“We’re meeting motorists in their communities to show them that protecting their vehicles means protecting their loved ones,” said NHTSA Administrator Dr. Mark Rosekind. “We want to show people how simple it can be to take safety into their own hands. Taking a few minutes to run a safety check on your car, tires or car seats could help prevent a crash and save a life.”

The public safety checks for vehicle recalls is a first for NHTSA and is an offshoot of the ‘Safe Cars Save Lives’ campaign the agency launched in January. According to NHTSA, millions of cars are recalled each year, yet, on average, 25 percent are left unrepaired.

Bus Tour Schedule:

Miami, FL, August 9 (8.30 – 10am)
Orlando, FL, August 9 (3 – 4.30pm)
Tampa, FL, August 10 (8.30 – 10am)
Tallahassee, FL, August 10 (3 – 4.30pm)
Mobile, AL, August 11 (9 – 10.30am)
New Orleans, LA, August 11 (2 – 3.30pm)
Houston, TX, August 12 (9 – 10.30am)
San Antonio, TX, August 12 (3.30 – 5pm)
Fort Worth, August 13 (9 – 10.30am)