A majority of young drivers have seen their parents engaging in risky driving behaviour, according to research carried out by Queensland motoring body RACQ.

RACQ’s Young Driver Survey found that almost 90% of drivers under 25 have witnessed their parents drive while tired. Additionally, 88% have seen their parents speeding and 72% have seen a parent using a phone while driving. Parents have been seen driving without a seatbelt by 14%.

“P platers are 17% more likely to speed and drive fatigued if they’ve seen their parents doing it, and they’re 14% more likely to drive without a seatbelt,” said RACQ’s Paul Turner. “It goes to show parents need to be on their best behaviour behind the wheel, not just when they’re teaching their children to drive, but every time they’re in the car.

“Parents need to know that engaging in these risky driving behaviours not only endangers lives when the kids are in the car with you, but when they’re driving by themselves as well.”