A new report looking at how law enforcement officials, other first responders, and crash scene investigators can better prepare for automated vehicle technology has been published by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The number of vehicles on the roads with varying levels of automation and driver assistance technologies is increasing and creates key questions for these groups including:

  • How do first responders disable, move or stabilize one of these vehicles that has been involved in a crash or abandoned?
  • How do responders who might need to cut through one of these vehicles to remove an occupant after a crash do so safely without putting themselves or the occupant in danger?
  • How do responders know that one of these vehicles can detect emergency vehicles or first responders directing traffic at the scene of a crash and take action to avoid hitting them?
  • How do responders determine ownership of one of these vehicles? How is responsibility assigned at an incident or when conducting a traffic stop?

The report – Law Enforcement, First Responder and Crash Investigation Preparation for Automated Vehicle Technology – outlines recommendations to improve training to help first responders better prepare for such scenarios which are becoming more common.