The AIP Foundation has recently piloted new methodology to research and analyze “near misses” on the roads in Vietnam.

It is hoped the information – which will be gathered from around school zones – will give the organization a fuller picture of what is happening on the roads and gather evidence for targeted interventions in traffic blackspots.

AIP Foundation has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), its National Foundation (CDC Foundation), and FIA Foundation through the Child Health Initiative, to develop the new Traffic Conflict Technique (TCT) toolkit.

The toolkit examines traffic conflicts between vulnerable road users—students, pedestrians, and cyclists—and motorized traffic occurring in and around school zones in low- and middle-income countries.

“TCT is a simple, evidence-based, low-cost approach to evaluate the impact of road safety interventions to prevent crashes, injuries, and deaths,” said the FIA Foundation.

“By counting and studying traffic conflicts, TCT can help decision-makers select and evaluate the most effective strategies for improving road safety and preventing injuries. It is particularly helpful in locations where data are scarce.”

The Traffic Conflict Technique toolkit can be viewed here.