The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has rolled out new smart technology for testing its buses using an interactive voice system.
The system eliminates the need for completing forms and using paper in testing buses by converting the voice of the inspector into written text.
“The use of smart technologies in maintenance works is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity dictated by our commitment to the optimal and sustainable utilisation of RTA’s assets, and the delivery of safe and smooth transport services to all,” said Abdullah Rashid Al Maazami, Director of Maintenance & Services, RTA Public Transport Agency. “It was therefore imperative to contemplate this new system which enables the technical inspector/tester to carry out a visual inspection of the bus without bothering to take paper, complete bus details or even carry a smart tab.”
To use the technology, the inspector wears a device on his waist, connected by earphones. An interactive voice dictates the testing steps to the inspector and enables the inspector to figure out parts of the engine, test them and diagnose faults through providing voice responses to a series of preset sequential procedures. The system converts the voice of the inspector into written text, and captures images and uploads them to a database.  
“The testing of buses using the interactive voice response is a further step towards leveraging Dubai endeavours to rank as the smartest city in the world,” added Abdullah Rashid Al Maazami. “It also realises RTA’s strategic goals focused on the smart government, online transition to eliminate paper forms, save the time, and improve the quality of testing and repairs.”