As Lunar New Year approaches millions of people around the world will be preparing to celebrate the start of the Year of the Pig.

Officially starting on Tuesday February 5, celebrations are expected to continue until February 19.

Many people will be driving/ riding home to celebrate Lunar New Year with loved ones. Others will be attending parties to mark the occasion. And, while the pig might be associated with good fortune, the increasing driving risks that often accompany global celebrations call for drivers to take extra caution on the roads.

Lunar New Year safe driving tips:

  1. If you’re traveling to your hometown to celebrate use public transport where possible to avoid driving/ riding in heavy traffic.
  2. Plan your route in advance, checking traffic/ weather updates before you set off. Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.
  3. Wear a helmet and other suitable safety clothing if riding a two-wheeler.
  4. Make sure your vehicle/ motorcycle is in good condition before starting your trip.
  5. Wear your seat belt – and make sure everyone else in your vehicle wears theirs too.
  6. Resist distractions by putting your phone away and setting up GPS before you drive. Be aware of external distractions too, such as fireworks and Chinese lanterns; ask passengers not to point these out while you’re driving.
  7. Look out for pedestrians who are out celebrating. There might be many more people about than usual, and they could be impaired.
  8. If you are drinking alcohol, don’t drive. Plan ahead for a safe ride home, whether it is a taxi, a lift with a sober friend or a ride share. Or, consider staying the night instead. Remember the “morning after” effect too.
  9. Avoid driving fatigued. If you have a long way to travel, get a good night’s sleep beforehand and take regular naps. If you’re tired from partying, get enough rest before you get back behind the wheel.
  10. Did you know that the pig is associated with the hours 9:00-11:00 p.m.? That’s also a risky time on the road as driving at night is more challenging than driving in the day. See eDriving’s free Driving at Night guide for more safe driving tips.

Wishing you good fortune and happy Lunar New Year!