Celebrations for the Holi Spring festival are set to begin on March 18. After being affected by COVID-19 shutdowns for the past two years, this year Holi is expected to be back in a big way.

However, with Holi associated with an increase in road crashes and fatalities in India, it’s important to take steps to put safety first.

Here are eDriving’s top five tips for a safe Holi celebration:

  1. Drive defensively to anticipate the actions of others. The police warn that they’ll be on the lookout for drunken driving, speeding, red-light jumping, and two-wheelers performing stunts at Holi. By being alert and prepared for the unexpected you should be able to avoid being affected by this type of dangerous behaviour.
  2. Obey the rules of the road including wearing seat belts, wearing a helmet if you’re riding a two-wheeler and adhering to speed limits and traffic signs.
  3. Drive sober. If you intend to drink, plan a safe ride home.
  4. Watch out for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and families out celebrating.
  5. Focus on the drive. Put your phone away and set up GPS before you drive. Be aware of external distractions too.

Wishing you a happy Holi celebration!