As more cyclists take to the roads for Bike Month the Road Safety Commission in Western Australia is urging all road users to put safety first.

This month’s event, supported by the Department of Transport and WestCycle, encourages the community to take part in a fun, friendly cycling challenge to share in the benefits of cycling.

The Road Safety Commission is reminding riders and other road users to share the roads safely and responsibly and is offering the following advice:

  • Minimum passing distance. Drivers must leave a safe passing distance for cyclists travelling in the same direction. On roads that are 60km/h or less, the minimum passing distance is 1 metre, while on roads that are more than 60km/h the safe distance is 1.5 metres.
  • Two abreast only. Cyclists are permitted to ride two abreast on WA roads, with no more than 1.5 metres between riders. Drivers are urged to be extra cautious while passing riders and should only pass when it is safe to do so.
  • Keep your distance. Cyclists using the roads are not permitted to ride within two metres of the vehicle in front. Nor are they allowed to ride on freeways or pedestrian malls.
  • Always wear a helmet. The wearing of helmets while riding a bicycle is mandatory in Western Australia. Not wearing a helmet carries a $50 infringement.
  • Be seen on your bike. Make sure you can be seen by drivers and other roads users by wearing bright clothing and ensure you have front and rear lights on your bike that are in working order.
  • Ride to the conditions. Keep an eye on your speed, particularly on shared paths and footpaths, to avoid risk when interacting with pedestrians and other vehicles. Take extra care in bad weather, as some roads and paths can be slippery.
  • Maintain your bike. Carry basic tools and puncture repair kit. Inflate your tyres and check them for wear and tear. Check your brakes and brake pads are in good condition. Clean and lubricate your chain.
  • Be safe and courteous. Be aware of your fellow road users while riding, be safe and be courteous.

More information on cycling safety and WA’s Minimum Passing Distance Laws is available on the Road Safety Commission website.