Grants worth more than $3.7m have been handed out to schools in Minnesota to change dangerous driving behaviors and keep students safe.

The funding from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) is being awarded to 42 schools and transportation companies for stop arm camera systems.

The grants will reimburse schools and transportation companies for purchasing and installing stop arm camera systems and supporting software programs.

“Schoolkids shouldn’t have to worry when getting on and off the bus, and no parent should have to fear losing their child to a careless driver,” said Mike Hanson, Office of Traffic Safety director.

“Bus drivers see the violations and near misses. They have a lot to pay attention to as drivers so the camera systems will be an additional, effective tool to help them and law enforcement find the violators. The cameras will help keep kids safe, hold selfish or inattentive drivers accountable, and change dangerous driving choices.”​