A smart work zone technology system designed to protect roadside workers and motorists has been trialled in Wise, Virginia.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) researchers partnered with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and GeoStabilization International to deploy their technology system along US Route 23 during May 23 -25.

The technology creates a digital boundary and alerts workers when they approach its edge, keeping them safe from potential hazards.

The work zone system also includes wearable smart vests that accurately monitor the location of workers and predict potential hazards from passing motorists.

“VTTI is ahead of the game by supporting cellular vehicle-to-everything connectivity [C-V2X],” said Jean Paul Talledo Vilela, senior research associate at VTTI.

“This smart work zone allows messages and alerts to be exchanged with vehicles equipped with similar C-V2X technology when the vehicle is passing a work zone. In return, it is adding another layer of safety for both passing motorists and workers in the roadside work zone through alerts and messages.”