In 2018, a total of 25,162 work zone traffic crashes were reported in Texas, an average of nearly 70 crashes per day.

The number of deaths in construction zones fell by 20% from 2017, yet 161 people still lost their lives and 684 were seriously injured.

To coincide with National Work Zone Awareness Week, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is highlighting its Be Safe. Drive Smart. campaign, reminding motorists to stay alert and exercise caution when driving through work zones.

“Work zones present a different environment for drivers to navigate with  concrete barriers, slow-moving heavy equipment and vehicles that may make sudden stops,” said TxDOT Executive Director James Bass. “That’s why we’re urging drivers to pay special attention in work zones on Texas roadways—for their protection and the safety of highway work crews.”

At any given time, Texas has as many as 3,000 active work zones across the 80,000 miles of road TxDOT maintains. Since the leading causes of work zone crashes in Texas are speeding and driver inattention, TxDOT asks motorists to avoid distractions and put their phones away, obey road crew flaggers, slow down and follow posted work zone speed limits. Traffic fines double in work zones when workers are present, and fines can reach $2,000.