The latest traffic crash statistics for Minnesota show a six percent increase in deaths last year but point to an overall downward trend.

The data, published by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS), is an annual summary of traffic crashes describing how, why and where crashes occurred and who was involved. The information guides future traffic safety initiatives.

Minnesota saw a six percent increase in traffic fatalities from the previous year (358) but the state  continues to see a downward trend in traffic fatalities over five-year periods. From 2009-2013, Minnesota saw an average of 396 deaths per year. In the last five years, there have been an average of 381 deaths, a four percent decrease.

“Our goal is to drive Minnesota traffic deaths to zero,” said Mike Hanson, Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety Director.

“Help drive the traffic fatalities down by doing your part. That means always buckling up, driving hands-free and putting the distractions away, always lining up a sober ride and driving the speed limit or according to the conditions of the road.”

The top four contributing factors in Minnesota 2018 traffic fatalities was:

  • Speed – 113
  • Failing to buckle up – 96
  • Impaired driving – 84
  • Distractions – 29

Other key facts from the report were:

  • 79,215 traffic crashes, involving 146,107 motor vehicles
  • 172,908 people were involved in crashes
  • 381 people died and 27,877 people were injured
  • 266,414 DWI offences