The most dangerous roads for motorcyclists in the UK have been revealed by Swinton Insurance.

The A23 in Lambeth is the most treacherous road for the second year in a row, and London as a whole has surpassed the rest of the UK as the most dangerous region for motorcyclists year-on-year, with nine out of the top ten roads residing in the capital.

Despite a five percent decline in motorcycle collisions nationally, crashes in London have risen by eight percent since 2016. The number of crashes involving motorcyclists has decreased the most in the West Midlands, with 433 total collisions in 2017. In comparison, London had 3,639 motorbike crashes over the same period.

Friday is the most dangerous day of the week for motorcyclists, while Saturdays have become more dangerous year-on-year. Midday on Sunday is the time that experiences the most fatal or serious collisions and most involve riders on motorcycles with engines of 500cc or bigger. Thursday at 5pm, the peak commuting hour, closely follows as a time that sees the most motorcycle collisions.

“With Spring here, motorbike riders are more likely to be out on the open roads enjoying the weather, and we feel that it’s important to alert motorcyclists of the most dangerous roads in the UK and the places that they should approach with more caution,” said Dan Agate, Bike Insurance Specialist at Swinton Insurance. “Similarly, we hope that this can serve as a stark reminder to all road users to be more alert to the increased presence of motorbikes.”

“Whilst motorcyclists and drivers strive to be as safe as possible on UK roads, we hope that awareness of the most dangerous areas can go some way to making the roads a safer place for us all.”

The full analysis has been displayed visually and can be explored further here.