Road safety charity Brake has teamed up with children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate to create a short film for primary schools ahead of UK Road Safety Week 2017.

Brake coordinated the five-minute film – “Speed Matters with Maddie Moate” – for the themed week, which runs Monday 20 November through Sunday 26 November.

“Speed Matters” features six primary school children talking to Maddie about road safety. In keeping with the theme of this year’s Road Safety Week, “Speed Down Save Lives”, there is a particular emphasis on speed. The film explains how and why children view roads differently and why it is so important for drivers to keep their speed down in places where people live. It gives a simple introduction to kinetic energy and stopping distances, and ends with a discussion where children suggest measures adults can take to keep them safe near roads.

“Speeding remains a major problem in the UK,” said Dave Nichols, community engagement manager for Brake. “Not only does it put kids’ lives at risk every single day, but it prevents them from being able to walk and cycle safely in their communities. We know this because the children themselves tell us. This short film is a chance for them to have a voice; to help explain some of the science behind speeding to their peers; and to get those all-important messages home to grown-ups.

“As a charity that supports bereaved and seriously injured road crash victims, we know only too well the devastation and heartache caused by speeding drivers. That is why we were so pleased to be able to work with a talented presenter like Maddie, who really helps explain the important messages in a way that is easy to understand for both children and adults.”

Maddie, also a YouTube educator, is best known for hosting the hit CBeebies series “Do You Know”?

“I love explaining how things work in simple, interesting ways, so when Brake asked me to be involved with their film for Road Safety Week I jumped at the chance!” Maddie said. “It’s so important for us all to understand why young people are one of the highest risk groups when it comes to road safety and the children in this film can certainly teach us a thing or two. Their ideas and opinions about what they want grown-ups to do to help keep them safe on the roads should be heard by everyone.”

The film is available for teachers, families and parents to access for free by registering at It will be available on Brake’s YouTube channel from Monday 20 November.

Additional free resources are available for schools including posters, lesson plans, assembly presentations, activity sheets, advice and case studies.