Proposals to introduce a two-year zero-tolerance on alcohol for all new drivers in the European Union (EU) has been welcomed by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC).

Graziella Jost, Director of Projects at the ETSC said the plan – which would forbid drivers from drinking any alcohol before getting behind the for the first two years after getting their licences – as an “important measure to keep novice drivers safe.”

Member States will also be encouraged to restrict other high-risk activities during this period such as driving with other youngsters or at night.

The EU is also proposing that driver disqualification should apply in future in all Member States, not just the country where driving offenses were committed, and that Member States be able to follow-up on seven new road traffic offenses committed by non-resident drivers including wrong-way driving and dangerous overtaking.

“New figures released last week showed that road deaths in the EU are not decreasing fast enough to hit the crucial target of halving deaths and serious injuries by 2030,” said Graziella Jost.

“So it’s good to see the EU getting serious about road safety.  Today’s driving licence proposals include an important measure to keep novice drivers safer and we hope Member States will also build on these measures.”