Euro NCAP has officially announced a major milestone in the development towards a Truck Safe rating scheme.

The move has come in direct response to data revealing that trucks represent only three percent of vehicles on Europe’s roads but are involved in almost 15 percent of all EU road fatalities.

At NCAP24, in front of an audience of international road safety experts and industry Euro NCAP showcased what elements it is considering as part of a future Truck Safe rating and how it intends to evaluate and benchmark truck performance.

“Sadly, when trucks are involved in crashes, their size and weight mean there is a greater risk of fatalities – especially for more vulnerable road users (VRUs),” said Dr Michiel van Ratingen, Secretary General Euro NCAP.

The organization has highlighted the need for trucks to be better equipped with life-saving technologies, particularly related to crash avoidance, vision, and aspects of post-crash rescue.

The protocols will be formally published later this month and will highlight that best practice test methods developed over the last decade for passenger cars can be turned into useful guidelines for the design of future, safer heavy trucks.

The first release of ratings will be announced in November 2024.

Dr van Ratingen added that by publicly presenting the procedures and requirements ahead of the rating, it was hoped that the industry would take note and react accordingly.

As manufacturers respond to the tests, Euro NCAP said the requirements will evolve. In 2027, increased active safety requirements around manoeuvring will be required; then in 2030, it will commence the crash testing of trucks to encourage better passive safety protection. The vehicles will be tested by sector and will focus on city delivery; highway distribution; long haul; and tipper and refuse trucks.