Trucking guru and risk consultant Jim Noble highlights the benefits of being a truck driver and explains why the average driver today makes more money per year than a bank manager.

Despite the ongoing economic recovery around the globe many people are still under-employed or stuck in jobs they were forced to take during the Great Recession. Also, because the recovery hasn’t been robust in many regions new workers entering the workforce have fewer choices to make a good living wage. Where do you turn to get back to the dream of having an enjoyable job that adequately feeds your family and pays the bills without worry?

The answer can be found at the back of the building at the businesses you use every day – MYER – Sainsbury – Loblaws– Walmart – the lumber yard or even the local pub. What do each of these businesses have in common? A truck driver brought ALL the items for sale!

Driving a truck is a gratifying, rewarding, important and honorable profession. There are few other professions that allow you to deliver food, clothing and material to so many people and industries. Almost all the goods and services around the world involve truck transport at some point of the supply chain. In fact, the world economy would collapse if trucks did not move freight, oil and gas. And this is a profession that allows you a freedom of movement that is hard to find in other jobs. Yes, you have a schedule to maintain but, for the most part, you are in charge of your day. The cab is your domain with no boss sitting next to you. It’s just you – the road – and the next stop to make.

Here is the best part. In almost every industrialized economy in the world there is a shortage of qualified drivers! The shortage has dramatically driven up the wages and benefits. In the US a driver for a private fleet can make over $100,000! The average driver today makes more per year than a Bank Manager with a college education. In many cases wages for driving jobs are more than 100% higher than they were just 10 years ago. The shortage also means you have your pick of jobs. There are few other opportunities like this anywhere in the world!

There are special licenses required to drive heavy vehicles. However, surprisingly the training requirements are minimal and the cost is low compared to other vocations. In most cases, once you decide to pursue a driving career you can be collecting a paycheck in less than three months. Or you can opt for weekend training while you maintain the job you currently have. Most big carriers provide ‘finishing’ training after you finish school which allows you to gain practical experience slowly as your skills evolve.

Another benefit is you can choose the type of business you want to service. Here is just a partial list of the types of industries you can be involved in as a driver.

  • Construction – ready-mix/cement, lumber, heavy machinery
  • Home delivery – packages, home appliances, furniture
  • Household moving – local and long distance
  • Food – from field to warehouse, warehouse to warehouse, to stores
  • Raw materials – mines, lumber, textiles

Today’s drivers focus on safety. Good fatigue management and physical health are top priorities of the profession driver. Many regions are adopting strict hours of service regulations monitored by electronic devices that insure you are not required to operate longer than physically possible. Continuous driver training programs delivered anywhere anytime via online and mobile devices help maintain and improve your skill level. And automated crash avoidance technology is making trucks safer every day.

So if you’re thinking about ‘what’s next’ in your work life then maybe you should consider a gratifying, rewarding, important and honorable profession where you can earn an above average wage and be in charge of your day. There are few jobs more important to our world economy than driving a truck and you can be part of it.