Lambeth Council has introduced £20 fines for drivers who leave their engine running whilst stationary.

Drivers who allow their vehicle engines to run unnecessarily when parked in the borough will be asked to turn off their engines, and if they fail to cooperate, will be issued with a fine under the new policy launching on 18 May, 2020. The move builds on previous anti-idling events in the borough to raise awareness and educate drivers on the effects of idling.

“Cleaning up toxic air is an absolute priority for this council,” said Cllr Claire Holland, Lambeth’s Deputy Leader (Sustainable Transport, Environment & Clean Air). “Poor air quality is a huge health risk to our residents, and engine idling is a major contributor. We are determined to tackle the issue and are confident these new measures will help encourage people to change their behaviour so that everyone in Lambeth – particularly young children due to the effects on their development – is able to breathe clean air.”