Speeding is the leading cause of car crash fatalities in British Columbia, with an average of 80 people losing their lives every year.

Now a month-long education and enforcement campaign focused on speeding has been launched in the province by the Insurance Corporation of British Colombia (ICBC) and police.

Live demonstrations have been held at the Justice Institute of BC to show how a driver’s speed impacts their ability to maneuver around unexpected obstacles and increases their risk of crashing.

Throughout the month, police will be targeting speeding drivers with increased enforcement. ICBC is also working with Speed Watch volunteers, who will have speed-reader boards set up throughout the province to encourage drivers to slow down.

“Speeding is one of many high-risk driving behaviors that puts all road users in danger,” said Superintendent Dale Carr, BC Highway Patrol, on behalf of BC Association of Chiefs of Police.

“Slowing down is a simple way to avoid crashing, causing injury or worse. Police will be out in full-force across the province this month looking for high risk drivers with an additional focus on speeding drivers.”