A new resource to help understand the risks to, and improve the safety of, vulnerable road users in UK towns and cities has been launched.

The ViDA tool, aimed at local authorities, hosts data gathered through the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) – which assesses the safety standards of roads.

The tool has been enhanced with an extra set of countermeasures – thanks to a project by the Road Safety Foundation, funded by The Road Safety Trust.

The project has been carried out in partnership with iRAP, four local authorities and the road safety charity Brake and can help authorities to understand how risk changes along an individual road section or across a network, based on the safety performance of the infrastructure itself.

With the inclusion of additional new urban countermeasures – known as Urban Investment Plans – ViDA can help local authorities understand the benefits of introducing evidence-based road safety engineering measures in urban areas, to improve the environment for all road users, but especially pedestrians and cyclists.

“The iRAP Methodology is globally recognised and has been used by partners across the world for many years to help them make their roads safer,” said Sonya Hurt, chief executive of The Road Safety Trust.