The New Zealand Transport Agency has launched a campaign with a difference in an effort to tackle distracted driving among young people.

The ‘hands-on’ video uses a different approach to address the issue; avoiding the hard-hitting scenes often associated with campaigns of this type.

The campaign specifically targets drivers in their twenties who ‘constantly use their mobile phones’.

According to the campaign: “This audience has grown up with technology and most of the time they use it on autopilot from when they get up in the morning until they go to sleep at night.

“Although our audience regularly uses their mobile phones (checking social media, texting, playing music and using apps), there are certain social situations where they’re starting to evaluate whether or not it’s ok to do so, e.g. on a first date or during live theatre. What creates this continuous evaluation is the thought that someone might have an issue with what they’re doing.

“The campaign aims to use this insight and encourages young drivers to question their use of mobile phones while driving. It’s the first step in getting young people to view things from a different perspective – their passenger’s. By showing them that their passengers find their flippant mobile phone use unacceptable in the car, our audience will start to reconsider its appropriateness.”

The campaign launched on 27 March and has a large digital online and social presence.